Avoid These Kitchen Design Mistakes

Avoid These Kitchen Design Mistakes

Let Kenwood Kitchens help you avoid these kitchen design mistakes!

Remodeling the kitchen can make a world of difference, whether you plan to live at your current home for a long time or whether you plan to sell. If you are getting ready to make the first steps in your kitchen design process, there are some things to keep in mind to avoid a poor result. Check out these common kitchen design mistakes below.

Not Enough Counter Space

Counter space is a necessity for every kitchen, and not having enough of it will leave families and individuals with a cramped and impractical workplace. You will be best off if you list all the ways you’ll need to use the countertop, including preparing meals, washing dishes, and displaying countertop appliances. Make more room if you need a surface for friends and family to put down their snacks and cups when gathering in the kitchen.

Not Enough Storage

One cannot have too much storage. If there’s space, you can fill it. Again, be sure to list all your kitchen storage needs and provide clever and ample space solutions for it. For example, one can find pull-out corner storage for pots and pans, appliance garages for your electric mixer, and deep drawers for snacks, cans, etc.

Nowhere for Trash

It’s easy to forget to make room for the trash can, but consider how you can combine your regular trash and recycling into one cohesive space. It doesn’t hurt to have one stylish bin in the room, but today’s most attractive design is to conceal two bins in one deep under-counter drawer.

Not Enough Lighting

Specific lighting solutions for specific purposes is a fantastic kitchen design component, especially if you have a large kitchen or one in an open floor plan. While overhead lighting illuminates the whole room, task lighting can light up specific points along the counter. 


Another kitchen design mistake to avoid is blowing the budget. It can be easy to underestimate how much the project will cost, but beware to never spend on anything that’s unnecessary and won’t last long after use. Create a clear budget to know how much you’re willing to spend and how much you’ll spend on each design component.

Too Trendy

There’s something to be said for the vintage kitchen, but sometimes, trends don’t age well. Go with what you like, but also aim for a classic style that will appeal to future buyers someday.

No Expert Advice

With kitchen design, it’s always better to seek a professional’s help. Kenwood Kitchens, a kitchen and bath remodeling company in Maryland, has four showrooms throughout the state. Be sure to visit and see what they can do for you!


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