The bathroom is one of the most functional rooms in your home, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be comfortable and inviting as well. We’re here to bring life to bathroom design ideas that will transform your bath from boring and uncomfortable to practical and luxurious. Whatever style you choose for your bathroom remodel, Kenwood Kitchens has the team to make your ideas into reality. We are the premier kitchen and bath remodeling company in Maryland, including Baltimore, Columbia, Lutherville, Annapolis and Bel Air.

Practical & Luxurious Bathroom Designs

The first step towards achieving the ideal bathroom is to assess what it is about your bathroom you want to change. Before design is even considered, you want to establish specific functions you want in your bathroom renovation. Do you wish you had a bigger tub that you can really stretch out in? Do you wish your bathroom had better lighting when you’re styling your hair? Dream big — we can find affordable solutions to almost all of the problems you have with your current bathroom design.

What Elements Will Make Your Bathroom Special?

Once you have a list of what you wish your bathroom could do that it can’t, you can start to identify the specific elements and fixtures of your bathroom that need to be improved to accommodate your wants.

For example, want more storage? Want a bigger mirror? Think about upgrading your bathroom cabinets. If you have a small bathroom, floating vanities are a great way to add functional storage without a footprint.

The best part about a bathroom remodel is that you can upgrade as much or as little as you feel necessary. While a full bathroom remodel can approach a 70% return on your investment when you sell your home, it’s not always necessary.

Sometimes, all it takes is better lighting to truly transform your bathroom. Our bathroom contractors will be sure to let you know where you can save.

Now Consider the Design Elements

Once you know the functional improvements you’re looking for in your bathroom remodel, it’s time to consider how you can implement them into a cohesive design scheme that uniquely represents you and your home.

This is where our expertise comes in handy. We’ve been remodeling bathrooms since 1974 and have learned some incredible design secrets that can make your bathroom more comfortable, appear larger, and feel more luxurious than you thought possible.

Our expert design team knows how to approach space, lighting, coloring, patterns and more to make your bathroom’s design quality equal its functional quality.

It’s hard to match the feeling of relaxation you’ll experience when you take your first shower or bath in your custom remodeled bathroom. Between the gleaming surfaces, improved lighting, and new fixtures—a custom remodeled bathroom will quickly become your sanctuary in the home

For a bathroom style with a connected, seamless feel that reflects your tastes, call (800) 211-8394 or contact us to speak with a representative.

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