Kitchen Lighting

Whether you want to improve the utility of your lights, or you are interested in expanding your options to natural, soft, and relaxing illumination, no kitchen remodel is complete without revamping the light sources. With convenient Maryland showroom locations in Annapolis, Lutherville, Bel Air, and Columbia, Kenwood Kitchens has been showing homeowners the light for over 40 years.

Kitchen Lighting Design Ideas

When it comes to putting together a complete kitchen lighting plan, there are three main areas that are the most important to consider:

  • Task Lighting:These lights will make up the bulk of your practical lighting, and are essentially the most important for safety. You want to light up your workplaces, sink, and especially stovetop (and any other cooking areas). You want to choose track or spot lighting that is strong, but not overly harsh. Remember, you do not want to either overheat the workspaces nor do you want to strain your eyes.
  • Accent Lighting:Essential for a well-designed beautiful kitchen, ambient lighting makes a boring space into a luxury space with simple, and still pragmatic, lighting additions. Whether to highlight art pieces, of to set off the inside of cabinetry, accent lighting both illuminates the corners of your kitchen, and adds a lovely decorative element to your kitchen lighting.
  • Ambient Lighting:This last variety of lighting fills in the empty spaces and shadows, completing the room. This can often be achieved with ceiling fan lights, natural lighting from windows and skylights, as well as cleverly placed (soft) ceiling lights.

Kitchen Lighting – Don’t Overlook the Details

Aside from the three most prominent lighting areas, there are some important details that your kitchen designer can incorporate into your lighting plan:

  • Lighting Inside Cabinets: It’s easy to forget, but kitchen lighting inside the kitchen cabinets is highly practical when you are looking for a particular bowl or spice, especially at night.
  • Don’t Forget About Lighting Color Temperature – Your lighting can be cool for modern kitchens, with a color temperature closer to natural daylight, or warmer for more classic kitchens, with a warm, orange/yellow hue.
  • LED Lighting – Consider installing LED lighting for maximum energy efficiency.
  • Under Cabinet Lighting: This is crucial for proper countertop illumination. Do not forget some soft lighting to fill in the areas that would be underutilized if unseen.
  • Switches & Dimmers: Need some great mood lighting for a romantic dinner? Need it particularly well-lit for a family event with a lot of people? Put each type of lighting on separate switches or dimmers, allowing you to perfectly control the atmosphere.

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