Bathroom Ideas

Your bathroom is your haven from the everyday. It should be a personal spa where you can escape and forget your worries. It is one of the most important, personal rooms in your house, and also one of the easiest to improve with slight changes. There is so much to consider that remodeling your bathroom can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time.

At Kenwood Kitchens, we’re here to help you explore bathroom ideas and develop a design that will meet your unique needs and tastes. For more than 40 years Maryland homeowners in Baltimore, Columbia, Bel Air, Lutherville, and Annapolis have trusted us for bathroom remodeling ideas.

Start with a Theme

The most dramatic changes begin with your overall master bathroom design motif. Choose a style that reflects your personality, and makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. Whether you decide on a sleek modern feel with sharp angles and bold colors, or a Mediterranean spa, with soft bright earth tones, Roman tiling, and a luxurious Jacuzzi bath, make sure your choice represents interior flair. Once you have chosen the theme for your bathroom, ideas will start flowing about the particulars.

The Bathtub and Shower Are Important

The most central design element in your new bath is the shower and tub. When considering shower ideas, you should determine whether you want to concentrate more on luxury or efficiency. Modern bathtubs and showers come in nearly any shape or size imaginable, so try to think of what your ideal bathtub or shower looks and feels like. You can install a shower with built-in benches or a deep tub with massaging jets. An important but overlooked consideration is utility; do you have lots of bath oils and hair products to store? Do you want space for plants? Once you’ve conceived your ideal shower, compare your idea to the products your local bathroom contractor carries.

Bathroom Lighting, Walls, and Ceilings

One of our secrets to transforming a bathroom into a truly relaxing space is to improve the lighting and ceiling. Having a beautiful luxury bath suite isn’t nearly as relaxing if bright lights bombard you. We recommend installing dimmer switches, wall sconces, high lighting, low lighting, or any other switches that allow you to customize your lighting to your mood. This way, you can have bright lights when you need to wake up, and dim lights when you need to relax.

The ceiling itself also matters. You don’t want to lean back into your Jacuzzi tub and look up at a drab or water-stained ceiling. This is your lavish personal spa, so think bold color choices or subtle but interesting patterns.

Another consideration that is often overlooked is bath wall materials. Tiles can be made into a wide variety of colorful patterns or subtle shapes. Solid-surface materials are easy to clean and can be custom-shaped for your bathroom’s dimensions. You need to decide what’s important to you: appearance or durability and ease of maintenance.

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