Bathroom Cabinets & Vanities

Custom bathroom cabinetry can improve the functionality and comfort of any bath remodeling project, while adding value to your home. If you’re looking for bathroom cabinets in Maryland— Lutherville, Bel Air, Annapolis, Baltimore, Columbia and the surrounding area—Kenwood Kitchens is your source. Our team of seasoned designers, builders and carpenters can make your dream bathroom plans a reality.

Choosing Bathroom Cabinets

There are several elements of your bathroom cabinet design that you should take into special consideration:

  • Freestanding or Built-in:When considering bathroom cabinet installations, you have two options. You can either go with freestanding cabinets that are movable and cheaper to install, or more labor-intensive, solid, cabinets built into the walls. If you’ve ever tried to clean underneath a freestanding cabinet, you can see why people often opt for cabinets built into walls.
  • Wood Finish: Don’t be reluctant to leave a natural wood finish in their bathrooms due to inherent moisture and steam from baths and showers. Modern wood finishes protect the wood while showing its natural beauty. Nothing sets off a beautiful marble sink like natural woodwork. Kenwood Kitchens offers a great selection of high-quality and affordable wood cabinets in a range of finishes, including maple, oak, cherry or pine.
  • Paint Options: Just because bathrooms are usually fairly neutral in color does not mean you have to settle with boring interiors. Be creative; a bold red cabinet on a beige wall or a sharp modern black cabinet on a white wall can really make a statement.
  • Cabinet Height: One of the most important factors to consider for your new cabinets is height. Bathroom cabinets do not need to live entirely under your sink or in your vanity. Long, thin, cabinets with eye-level shelves are easy to use, and make the most of limited space.

Bathroom Vanity Styles

Single Bathroom Vanities

Probably the most ideal vanities for small bathrooms and guest bathrooms, a single vanity is the most basic type. It generally consists of a single mirror and sink bowl, over some sort of storage.

  • Pedestal Style: consists of a built-in pedestal with a sink bowl (either embedded or above the surface), and typically an attached mirror.
  • Floating Wall-mounted Designs: have no pedestal or storage, and jut out of the wall. Very useful for small bathrooms, and generally have a rack to hang hand towels off of.
  • Free-standing Units: will still need professional service to attach to the plumbing and electric.

Double Bathroom Vanities

If you are tired of fighting over your sink, or tired of breaking up the kids from fighting over theirs, then a double vanity may be the best choice. These larger two-sink varieties offer the convenience of extra storage capacity, help you organize and saving you space.

  • Cabinet Style: with either embedded or above the surface bowls, along with copious amounts of storage and shelving.
  • Free-standing Units: like the single vanity type, these are separate units but still must be professionally installed for proper electric and plumbing.

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