Bathroom Floors

When it comes to remodeling a home’s bathroom, the floor doesn’t always get much attention. It doesn’t stand out as much as other fixtures like the cabinets, sink, vanities, bath, toilet, or showers. With the full range of bathroom tiling materials available to homeowners through Kenwood Kitchens, your bathroom floor can be a complete work of art that ties the entire room design together. We’ve been beautifying bathroom floors for customers all over Maryland, including Bel Air, Baltimore, Columbia, Lutherville, and Annapolis, for more than 40 years.

Don’t Neglect Your Bathroom Flooring

Homeowners who choose to ignore flooring in their bathroom remodel often don’t realize that tile floors for bathrooms come in a variety of styles and customizable options that can perfectly complement their renovation project. There are a number of flooring design elements that our design team can use to make the room really stand out.

  • You could go with vinyl tile if you want affordable, easily installed flooring that can be arranged in a number of ways. For these reasons, as well as the versatility available when installing this type of tile, vinyl is one of the most widely used and popular options for homeowners.
  • If you want everything that vinyl offers but, are looking for a little more durability, then you should consider tiling a bathroom floor with porcelain tile. Like vinyl, porcelain has a wide range of design potential, making it a popular material for renovation projects.
  • Alternatively, you may want to think about installing ceramic tile if you want affordable, easily maintained, and long lasting tile that can fit into a number of bathroom designs. If your bathroom experiences heavy foot traffic, then you should know that this ceramic tile can be built to withstand scratches and other marks that can occasionally come with that.
  • If aesthetic appeal is the driving force behind your bathroom ideas, then you might want to consider glass tile as your floor of choice in your project. Not only is it much more resilient against water, mold, and mildew, but if you place it in a bathroom that gets a good amount of natural light, you’ll be treated to a spectacular display that you simply can’t get with any other material.
  • For an elegant finish that brings a classy, timeless look to your home’s bathroom consider tiling a bathroom floor with natural stone tile made from a material like slate or granite. While these are among the most high-end of materials for bathroom floors, the combination of durability and prestige that comes with this type of flooring will make the associated cost worth it in the long run.

Whatever material you decide to go with, the addition of flooring to your overall bathroom remodeling cost will ensure that you have a bathroom you can enjoy, day after day.

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