Bathroom Styles

We’ve spent over 40 years helping Maryland homeowners in Annapolis, Lutherville, Bel Air, and Columbia beautify their homes with practical, luxurious and inviting bathroom styles. Building and designing an attractive, practical bathroom doesn’t need to break your budget.

Our design team can help you balance efficiency and style, as well as suggest the right décor to accent the room with eye-catching wallpaper, custom cut mirrors, and chic rugs. But how do you get the bathroom style that’s perfect for you, with a unique look that sets it apart?

Bathroom Styles – Factors to Consider

  • Color – Color is something that makes a very bold statement and goes a long way toward establishing the ambiance of a room, so choose yours carefully. For a bathroom, you want to think about colors that can evoke a sense of calm and relaxation so that you and your guests can feel at ease in the bathroom.
  • Fixtures – A good modern bathroom will have the kinds of fixtures that put convenience ahead of all else. For instance, you can install a bathroom sink equipped so that you can store towels and toiletries for your guests. Likewise, your sink can come in a color that will easily complement the rest of the bathroom and create a strong, cohesive look.
  • Cabinets & Vanities – When done right, bathroom cabinets and vanities can be the centerpiece of a good bathroom design. You can get something on a pedestal, something free standing, or something wall mounted, and you can easily have a double vanity for your larger bathrooms. The mirrors that help make up vanities can be made in different shapes to really help give a modern bathroom some character.
  • Lighting – Custom lighting, like something installed in your vanity, can do a lot to make the bathroom a more comfortable space. When designing a new bathroom, look for places for your lighting to go. You can also explore different kinds of lighting meant to create different moods or complement different tasks, to help complete the bathroom design.
  • Flooring – There are a lot of different materials for bathroom tile and, no matter what you choose, you can arrange them into various patterns for something that catches the eye and helps the room stand out from what people might have seen in other places. The right kind of floor tile in a modern bathroom can go a long way toward giving the room much-needed personality.
  • Surface Materials – Traditional bathrooms are usually about elegance, which means you need a surface material that creates that sense of refinement. For your bathroom countertops, think about stones like marble or granite and the high-end feel they often create.
  • Space Issues – When you want to remodel a bathroom, you have to keep space in mind and always think about how much you have. Fortunately, bathroom size doesn’t limit your options for what you can do to create a traditional bathroom. Pedestal sinks and wall mounted storage are just two ideas that can help save space and make it easy to have room to move around in a small bathroom.

This is just the beginning when it comes to designing a perfect bathroom. Besides the above, you have to consider things like furniture, fixtures like faucets and sinks, and as well as the design of the bathtub.

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