Our Kitchen Renovation Process

Renovating the busiest room in your house is no small task. At Kenwood Kitchens, we understand how disruptive the process can be to our customers’ lives. To make the transition easier on you, we’ve established methods that make the process simple, straightforward and painless. For more than 40 years, customers in Maryland, including Annapolis, Columbia, Baltimore, Bel Air, and Lutherville, have relied on Kenwood Kitchens for quality, professional kitchen renovating services.

Designing the Perfect Kitchen

Step 1: Evaluate Your Current Kitchen

The key to making your kitchen remodel affordable is to evaluate how you’re using your current kitchen, and what you wish you could use it for. Do you want a full, new remodeled kitchen, or would adding a beautiful island fit the bill? Kenwood Kitchens can provide multiple levels of service, whether it be the full kitchen remodel and all the intricacies that come along with it, or we can simply supply you with all the beautiful new cabinetry and plans for your installer.

Step 2: The Functionality You Need

Once you’ve determined what your current kitchen can’t do that you wish it could, you’ll begin to understand where you want to focus your remodel. What needs to be upgraded to ensure that your kitchen provides all of the functionality you need? Consider factors like space, organization, ease-of-use, durability and maintenance when approaching all potential upgrades in your remodel. For example, your refrigerator functions perfectly and still looks great. New models aren’t a dramatic update. You were planning on purchasing a new one, but after really thinking about it realize that money would be better spent adding a new, rotating corner cabinet. Making decisions like this help you get the most out of a remodel at the lowest possible cost.

Step 3: Consider Appearance

Now that you know what needs to be remodeled to make your kitchen function the way you want, you can start considering how to make it look the way you want. And this is where our expertise as one of Maryland’s leading kitchen design studios can really help you. With over 40 years in the business, we’ve seen trends come and go and know how to create a timeless, yet modern design that you’ll love just as much in 5-10 years. Our kitchen contractors will not only help you achieve the look you want, they’ll ensure that everything is aligned to maximize your work space, storage, and gathering areas. We especially love transforming a small kitchen into a new beautiful, functional space you’ll love to cook in.

Renovating Your Kitchen – What to Expect

Days 1 & 2 – Tear Out

Expect the plumbing, electrical and carpentry crews to come and go, disconnecting and removing all the old materials. There will be a lot of dust and noise, and while we will attempt to seal doorways and protect floors, some settlement of dust will occur throughout the home. It would be advisable to cover furniture with dust covers prior to our installation.

If you are planning to keep any existing materials, let our carpentry crew know the first morning. We arrange to have all materials removed from the premises, and once they are removed, we cannot return them. Trash removal usually takes place several times during the job, and only the trash caused by our installation will be removed.

Days 3 & 4 – Mechanical Rough-Ins

The mechanical rough-ins are made for all the plumbing and electrical, as well as for the appliances. It is possible for you to be without water or electric service for brief periods during this stage. Don’t forget to plan for your kitchen and bath needs during the entire installation period.

Remaining Days – Bulk of Kitchen Installation Process

The cabinets, fixtures, etc. are all installed, and your new room really begins to take shape. After the main components and tops are installed, the plumbing and electrical crews return for final connection and appliance installation. Finished floors are typically next, although certain floor materials may require installation earlier or later in the process. Tile backsplash, molding work, cabinet doors and drawer hardware and adjustments follow. Your installation is complete after the final walkthrough.

Whether or not you ultimately choose Kenwood Kitchens, Inc. to do your work, we want our clients to get what they deserve: a quality installation with quality products, at a fair price. Contact our expert planners today for a free consultation about your dream remodel. They know how to deal with any unforeseen problems and they will only keep you out of your kitchen for a relatively small period of time.

To discuss our kitchen remodeling process, call (800) 211-8394 or contact us to speak with a representative.

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