Adding Light in a Windowless Bathroom

Adding Light in a Windowless Bathroom

One can add lighting to a windowless bathroom in any of the following ways.

It isn’t all too uncommon to have a bathroom in the house with no windows. Besides, if there is any room in the house that wants privacy the most, it is this space. Even so, there are still ways to add natural light and make the room feel brighter and more spacious nevertheless. Here are a few ways to add light to a windowless bathroom.

Add a Window

The first idea for adding light to a windowless bathroom is almost an obvious one: add a window. An average window addition or replacement can be around $400-$500, but one can create a bathroom window or shower window in any shape or size you’d like. Bathroom windows are often opaque, frosted, or even stained glass.

Add a Skylight

One can also add a traditional skylight or an alternate form of skylighting, known as tubular daylighting. With one large skylight set in a high ceiling, your bathroom can always enjoy a full wash of natural light all day. Meanwhile, tubular daylighting brings sunlight into a room through reflective, flexible tubing and only takes a couple of hours to install professionally.


In a windowless bathroom, paint can dramatically change the tone. It can be dark and regal, or light and clean. If a feeling of natural light and spaciousness is what you’re after, try a light color scheme and choose light-colored paint with a high or semi-gloss finish.

Indoor Lighting

If adding a window or skylight is out of the question for you, indoor lighting can still perform an effective brightening effect. One method to enhance spaciousness and brightness is to install uplighting fixtures that point the light up toward the ceiling. We naturally expect light to come from above, so aiming light at the ceiling is one way to achieve a natural effect.


Mirrors always give the illusion that there is more space than there actually is. Larger mirrors and floor-length mirrors are more effective in this regard. Strategically paired with electrical and natural lighting, one can create even more brightness in the space.


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