7 Types of Bathroom Mirrors

7 Types of Bathroom Mirrors

Dreaming of the ideal bathroom mirror? Here are seven types out there.

The bathroom mirror is one aspect of the design that is both highly practical and a style-setter. The mirror is also a reflector of light; therefore, its placement and size can significantly brighten the room. Should determining this feature be your next step in your remodeling project, here are seven types of bathroom mirrors you can consider.

Wall Mirror

The wall mirror is the most common type. It includes any mirror mounted to the wall, usually above the vanity. While a large, seamless sheet of glass may be the first image that comes to mind, a wall mirror can be any size, framed or frameless, and of any shape.

Decorative Mirror

When the framing or shape of a wall mirror becomes unique, it would be considered a decorative mirror. Bathroom mirrors can act as a focal point of a room and enhance the style. One might even have one shaped like an animal or have a highly artistic frame.

Medicine Cabinet Mirror

The practicality of a mirror becomes even more practical when there’s a medicine cabinet behind it. This type has a range of variations to fit the look of your retreat.

Pivot Mirror

Pivot mirrors are likely best implemented as an addition to the vanity mirror. They add efficiency for morning routines, allowing one to seamlessly flip the panel over for a magnified look. You can also use it to see different angles of your up-do or outfit.

Lighted Mirror

If your bathroom doesn’t have any windows, a lighted mirror can add the necessary illumination and plenty of glamour. Today, these lighted mirrors mimic natural light more than ever for a softer glow.

Floor-Length Mirror

A floor-length mirror mounts to the wall and can be useful for adding an illusion of spaciousness when installed opposite the vanity mirror. Like the pivot mirror, it can also give you more angles to view yourself.

Floor Mirror

Lastly, the floor mirror is a decorative piece that rests directly on the floor. They have the benefit of portability and make for an exquisite feature in a stylish bathroom.


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