5 Bathroom Wall Options

5 Bathroom Wall Options

Remodeling your bathroom? Check out these wall options that can make all the difference.

Bathrooms are meant to be both a retreat for guests and a sanctuary for indwellers. When it comes time to remodel the bathroom, you have an exciting opportunity to create a whole new space and get a high ROI if you sell your house someday. In your planning for the new design, here are five bathroom wall options worth checking out.


Wallpaper raises numerous concerns when installing it in the bathroom. It can cause mold, and it can have stains if the behind-the-wall plumbing fails. How can wallpaper fare in moist conditions? Today, different technologies have enabled waterproof wallpaper to reach the market. With it, you have endless patterns and colors from which to choose to set the mood. It is highly recommended to have a professional install it for you for the best outcome.


Painting the walls is the easiest and most affordable choice. One might choose from semi-gloss to eggshell finishes for the best effect. WIth more gloss, the more water-resistance the paint is. One can also go with paint designed specifically for bathrooms, but even those bathroom wall options are less expensive than the others.


Beadboard is wood paneling topped by horizontal molding that runs across the lower portion of a wall. Because wood does not take water well, beadboard today consists of a composition of wood fiber and resin, called fiberboard. Different panel widths create different effects and generally come with a farmhouse or vintage vibe. 


Ceramic, stone, and glass tiles are one of the most stylish bathroom wall options. They adequately seal the walls off from moisture and splashing and have a high-end look. One must consider how small or large each tile should be, since many smaller ones can make the room look busy. Of course, tiling is the most expensive but most durable option.

Laminate and Acrylic

Laminate and acrylic walls are two synthetic options that offer both durability and affordability. They have the appearance of any kind of natural stone or tile that you like without breaking your bank. 


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