What to Expect During a Kitchen Renovation

What to Expect During a Kitchen Renovation

Here’s what you might expect during a kitchen renovation.

Kitchen renovations are exciting and change how one experiences the home in a major way. The home remodeling shows one might see or the photos of finished kitchens online can be inspiring. However, the process that turned out that stunning result is not so glamorous. What can one expect during a kitchen renovation? Find out more below.


It does not take a weekend to gut and rebuild a kitchen with all the final touches. It doesn’t even take a week. While the design may take weeks or months alone, the actual kitchen renovation can take a few weeks to a few months to complete, depending on the size and scope of the project. Your contractor can break down the timeline for you in more detail.


Patience is necessary during renovations. One thing to remember is that you can expect delays somewhere in the process. Many times it is because materials might take longer than expected to arrive. You might also want to change something in the design, although it is best to be completely satisfied with the design before heading into the construction phase.


Fine dust can travel throughout the house during a kitchen renovation. You’ll want to talk with your contractor about what the team will do to minimize it and take precautions from there.


Removing cabinets, counters, floors, and appliances doesn’t happen quietly. The noise of sawing, drilling, banging, etc. will happen intermittently for weeks. Be prepared to wear some headphones if you are not comfortable with the background noise. If you have young children, set up naptime far away from the site.

Alternate Living

Without a kitchen, you’ll need some other way to prepare meals. Some people set up a makeshift kitchen nearby with a microwave, portable stove, and mini-fridge. Some move out altogether and rent for the short-term. Others still simply eat out. Again, talk with your contractor to see what kitchen access they might provide, such as running water.

Excitement & Joy

No doubt, a kitchen renovation can upheave a family’s routine and cause stress. However, as the project continues, you can expect excitement and joy as you see old things go and the new dream kitchen appear.  


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