Best Types of Kitchen Countertops

Best Types of Kitchen Countertops

Looking for the right kitchen countertop material? Here’s a handy guide to the best.

Kitchen remodeling is one of the best things you can do for your house, but many people fail to know where to start in selecting materials and redesigning. Kitchen countertops, in particular, can leave people at a loss as to which kind would be best for them. If you are wondering what type of countertop to choose, read this guide!


Quartz is all the rage these past few years and is known for its durability and beauty. It is an engineered material made of quartz particles, other minerals, and resin, designed to withstand heat, water, stains, scratches, etc. Unlike its natural counterparts, quartz does not require sealing. It can have the appearance of granite, marble, and more and is easily customized. However, it is expensive.


Granite has been the mainstream choice for decades and is still a viable option with plenty of different colorations and patterns. It is an extremely durable material capable of dulling knives, but it is porous and requires sealing against stains. Thankfully, its price has dropped over time.


People might shy away from concrete kitchen countertops unless they want the industrial look, but concrete can actually look splendid in any kitchen and function well against heat and water. Its downfall is that it can crack over time, needs regular sealing, and can be pricey.


If you are going for a high-end look, then marble may be your go-to choice. One should be aware that it is porous and can scratch easily, so it will need regular sealing. Even so, it is a strikingly beautiful option and adds to a home’s real estate.


Soapstone is yet another natural material with a beautiful dark, antique look that grows as it ages. Even its scratches can add to that aesthetic. It can handle heat fairly well, and one can sand out its scratches, but it will need treatment with mineral oil. 


Tile usually has a more rustic look compared to stone, but it offers an abundance of patterns and colors to make a statement. Tile might crack over time, and the grout can grow dirty, but ceramic tile is nevertheless heat-resistant, easy to clean, and affordable.

Butcher Block

Butcher block kitchen countertops may come with misconceptions that it can dent, stain, and foster germs easily. However, this type of wood construction is highly durable and is in fact antimicrobial, retaining less germs than plastic. For the farmhouse kitchen, this is a great choice.


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