Best Time for a Kitchen Remodel

Best Time for a Kitchen Remodel

When is the best time to renovate your kitchen? Here are a few pointers.

A kitchen remodel is a highly significant step you can take to revitalize a home. There are many moving parts to the process and all the important decisions it entails, though one important decision we’d like to highlight is determining when you’re going to actually do the remodel. This answer will differ based on every household, but there are a few guidelines you can always apply. Is it time for your kitchen remodel? We’re here to help you find out!

Your Family’s Schedule

Most of the time, we recommend working around a family’s busy seasons and finding a period with some downtime. Construction adds all its own hurdles, so it’s best when it isn’t happening on top of an already-busy schedule. The ideal time will vary from family to family, but the summer can be a great option thanks to the additional flexibility of the season.

Weather Conditions

Any indoor remodeling project can be done year-round. That said, if it’s especially cold or hot outside, it may take a contractor a bit longer to get your kitchen remodel done. However, working in the winter can have its benefits as well: it could be easier and less expensive to find someone to do the job during the offseason.

Eating Habits

During a kitchen remodel, you’re going to need to figure out some plans for what you’re going to do about food. Some people choose to go the takeout route, while others like to do their remodeling during the summer so they can do outdoor cooking on their grill. You could also go the minimalist route and rely solely on a mini-fridge and hot plate for the duration of the job.

Seasonal Deals

Just like other industries, there are times when certain products are heavily discounted. These include Black Friday as well as spring promotions in April and May. Even if you’re not doing your kitchen remodel right away, you can pick up some necessities like the larger appliances when they’re discounted and hold onto them until they’re needed.

Holidays and Events

Many of us want our remodeling done before a big holiday or event. If this is the case for you, be sure to give yourself enough time to get the job. Start planning six months before you need the project done. Finishing early is better than having to stress about it!


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