Preparing for a Kitchen Renovation

Preparing for a Kitchen Renovation

Are you ready for a kitchen renovation? Here’s what you’ll need to be prepared.

A kitchen renovation often is a major upheaval. It is one of the most fundamental and high-cost rooms in the house, and preparing for a kitchen renovation often means getting ready to be without a place to cook or eat for several long weeks. A kitchen renovation can be a harrowing experience, only if you don’t ready yourself. Here are some helpful tips for preparing for a kitchen renovation.

Prepare a Makeshift Kitchen

Eating out can become repetitive and expensive. You’ll want to create a makeshift kitchen while you’re waiting for your spectacular new one to come to life. You can use a desk or sturdy folding table as a counter space to prepare food and keep everyday appliances like the microwave and toaster oven. You may also want to invest in a portable stovetop, which can also be excellent for cooking during power outages.

Freeze Bulk Meals

To get ready for the long-haul and save money, you may also want to cook bulk meals and store them in the freezer. This food will be ready for you to ration out as you need. However, avoid cooking only one type of meal in bulk, as this can get tiring fast.

Use the Outdoor Grill

If you have an outdoor grill, there’s no better time to use it than now. A grill is available year-round, and more than 60% of outdoor grill owners do use it year-round. You can enjoy hearty meat, vegetables, and new recipes while you’re at it. If you are buying a new or portable one, remember to stay safe and keep it far enough away from the house.

Store Items Away

Items you won’t need regularly can go into easy-to-access boxes. Keep breakable dishware in well-insulated boxes in a place safe from construction traffic but also not too far away from the scene, perhaps in an adjacent room. Some minor appliances can sit under your makeshift kitchen, where you can still reach them.

Enjoy the Process

There is more to preparing for a kitchen renovation than just setting up, however. It takes a positive yet realistic mindset to survive one as well. Keep your focus on the end product, the marvelous kitchen that’s in the works. Meanwhile, you can also enjoy the process, considering it an adventure or an at-home camping trip. Feel free to get away from it, too, and enjoy time outside of the house.


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