6 Ideas for Hiding Kitchen Appliances

6 Ideas for Hiding Kitchen Appliances

Create a clean kitchen design with these hidden kitchen appliance devices.

Over time, it isn’t uncommon for people to accumulate more and more kitchen appliances. While the fridge, dishwasher, stove, and microwave oven are the basics, one can also have a toaster, coffee maker, waffle maker, electric mixer, blender, and endless other tools. With all these supplies, the kitchen can quickly look cluttered. Here are a few great ideas for hiding kitchen appliances.

1. Cabinet Doors for Large Appliances

This first idea has become more popular over the years for creating a clean, streamlined kitchen. To help blend the major kitchen appliances into the design, one can install a matching cabinet cover over their surfaces. Refrigerators, dishwashers, and stoves instantly look like part of the cabinetry, giving the kitchen a unified look.

2. Appliance Garages

For smaller appliances, one may want to hide them directly on the countertop where they reside. Appliance garages sit either along the wall or at the corner, where one can house the mixer, toaster oven, coffee maker, or another appliance. Door options include rolltop, lift up, or swing-open styles. Appliance garages make excellent use of corner counter space.

3. Pull-Out Drawers

A variation on the corner cupboard design, pull-out drawers can be either in the corners or along the walls. They tend to look and act just like an under-counter cabinet, but inside you’ll find drawers of varying designs suited just for your appliances. You can store your pots, pans, mixers, etc. and still have easy access to them.

4. Stand Mixer Lift

Another nifty appliance storage feature is the stand mixer lift, a platform that extends up and outward for you to use your electric mixer, which sits there full-time. In its under-counter cabinet, it sits on the shelf safe and sound. This retractable platform works for any appliance you use the most, including hot pots, air fryers, etc.

5. Hanging Cupboard

You can also make use of the space above the countertop with a hanging cupboard with a lift-up door. At eye level, this cupboard can house your microwave as well as whatever other dishware or tools you might need at hand.

6. Pantry Shelf

The pantry is one of the most beneficial components of kitchen design. Its finished form is completely up to your imagination. It is no issue to turn it into part food storage, part coffee or microwave station. Whatever your kitchen remodel dreams are, Kenwood Kitchens is happy to work with you.


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