Special Features for Kitchen Cabinets

Special Features for Kitchen Cabinets

Check out these awesome special features that could prove useful for your kitchen.

As you design your kitchen, one of the most significant aspects you will deal with is the cabinetry. Kitchens can never have enough storage space, and missing out on a detail can leave you with a regret or two. As you think of ways to make the most of your kitchen storage, here are several special features for kitchen cabinets to consider.


While ample cabinet space may provide enough for you to stuff in your cans of soup, uncooked pasta, marshmallows, etc., having a floor to ceiling pantry can make all the difference in keeping your food items organized and easy to access. Pantry designs are limitless, up to the needs of a specific family.

Pull-Out Cabinets & Drawers

Another highly popular and efficient feature for kitchen cabinets is the pull-out cabinet or drawer. Also known as a roll-out, it generally refers to shelving you can pull out. This category of cabinetry includes the spice rack. Pull-out cabinets and drawers allow one to avoid having to dig in the depths of an under-counter cupboard.

Appliance Garages

Making good use of the corner counter spaces is one of the greatest challenges in kitchen design. However, counter-to-ceiling cabinetry can help. At the counter-level, one may conceal small appliances like the mixer, coffee maker, or crockpot within the stylish cabinetry.

Lazy Susan Shelving

Lazy susan shelving has become standard for modern kitchen designs, using up the corner spaces within the top and bottom corner cabinets. This feature is especially beneficial for small kitchens. An alternative is pull-out lazy susan shelving, which can increase accessibility.

Trash Can Storage

Of course, one special feature of kitchen cabinets is trash can storage. No one wants to see an unsightly trash bin in a modern kitchen. There are two designs for easily reaching it; one is to roll it out like a drawer, and the other is to tilt it out of its cabinet. You can also incorporate a second trash can into the design for recycling.


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