Bathtub vs. Shower: Which Is Better?

Bathtub vs. Shower: Which Is Better?

Bathtub or shower? Which do you prefer?

The bathtub and shower combination is the most common in homes. It saves the most space if you want to have the best of both worlds. While it may be more common in Europe to take baths, it is more popular in America to take showers. Depending on the demographic, one or the other may be more practical or desirable for your home. Before ripping out your bathtub for a walk-in shower or vice versa, consider the types, the pros, and the cons of each and choose the best fit for you.


The glory of the bathtub cannot be missed. It is a centerpiece in the bathroom and comes in the form of various models today. For some, owning a clawfoot bathtub is the dream, and if it is yours too, then go for it. Other popular styles include alcove, corner, and drop-in. Bathtubs can also have therapeutic features, like massaging jets.

Although bathtubs may not be as common in the States, homeowners do well to keep at least one in the house. Should a family move in after them, a bathtub is necessary for taking care of small children. The two elements go hand-in-hand; the practicality of a bathtub for young families makes having one in the house give you a better ROI. On top of that, tubs are cheaper to install than showers. You can improve your home value and save money at once.

Unfortunately, if you do choose to install a bathtub rather than a shower, you will lose space in the bathroom. Consider if the room in question has room for a tub, or even the space-saving Japanese soaking tub if you are in the market. Taking a bath also requires more water and more time; if you run a fast-paced life and do not consider bathing as a part of your relaxation routine, a shower may be a better choice. 


Shower designs also vary and boast their own luxuries. Many factors go into their making, like the water temperature controls, the enclosure, the materials, and the showerhead. One can have a rain shower, waterfall shower, or even a body shower, which has multiple heads.

While they are more costly to install than a bathtub, they are more easily accessible to those with disabilities or the elderly. Shower floors now can seamlessly transition into the rest of the room without a step in between the areas. Showers also can save you on your water bills, especially if you take a quicker rinse. Their only downsides are the lack of features that only a bathtub can give.


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