Bathroom Design Trends 2020

Bathroom Design Trends 2020

Looking to renovate your bathroom this year? Check out these 2020 design trends.

2020 is underway, and bathroom design trends are taking action. Experts have scoured the market and found numerous trends to look out for and consider this year. 2020 boasts old and new designs and features, enabling you to implement what you need and want most in your sanctuary of cleanliness. 

Bathtubs and Showers

More and more, the United States is taking on features from Europe and Asia when it comes to bathroom design trends. They still vary, but the Japanese soaking tub, as well as larger bathtubs, are gaining popularity. Showers, meanwhile, are embracing new designs. Shower floors can be seamless with the rest of the room and have a linear drain set against one edge of the stall. Open showers have no walls and give the room a more spacious feel; however, concerns with wetness and privacy abound here.

Colorful Patterns

One trend from Europe America is adopting is patterning on the walls or the floor. Wallpaper is making a comeback, with newer patterns accompanying it. Floor tiles come in an abundant array of creative options and can also apply to the walls or even the ceiling. Instead of plain paint, you can add color and interest to your bathroom with a contemporary, stylish pattern.

Brass and Gold

Brass and gold were once considered dated in interior design, but in 2020, their beauty returns to the light. Although home makeovers may involve brass or a variation on that golden color in the faucets, knobs, and other metal elements, designers give consumers the option to also go for handleless cabinetry. 

Floating Vanities

If you walked into a 2020 bathroom, one of the most notable aspects you would see is a floating vanity. Mounted to the wall, vanities can look lighter in weight, add floor space, and lend more attention to other areas of the room. Although it has been a symbol of a contemporary-style bathroom, its sleekness is becoming more common.

Smart Bathrooms

Advanced technology has been making its way into the home for years, and now it has infiltrated the bathroom. One can have built-in features for music, television, and accessing the Internet. Mirrors can even be gateways into digital luxuries. Though not for everyone, smart technology enables you to pick and choose what features you might enjoy. 


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