Types of Bathroom Vanities

Types of Bathroom Vanities

The bathroom vanity is no item to overlook in bathroom design. Here are the top types of vanities.

Taking on a bathroom remodel project is often a huge undertaking. Many people don’t realize how many things in a bathroom you can customize to achieve the perfect spa-like experience for you. They focus on the big things, like a steam shower, heated flooring, or a jetted soaker tub, but other fixture needs get filled in with whatever fits. Bathroom vanities are often one of these unassuming fixtures, but it can play a significant role in the overall feel (and usefulness) of the bathroom.


The pedestal sink is the essence of form over function: it is beautiful and adds to the luxurious look of the bathroom, but it doesn’t provide any additional usefulness, like storage or organization. Pedestal sinks come in many different aesthetic looks, so finding one to match your design should be easy.

Under Mounted

This style is specific to the basin of the sink. Here it is mounted under the countertop so that the surface is smooth and continuous. The look is refined and elegant, but you sacrifice space under the countertop.

Wall Mounted

This style of vanity is attached to the walls and has no legs or supports. It is a great way to increase the vanity space without giving up any floor space. The floating look is a great visual element to your design, but keep in mind that the physical support is simply not there (for instance, if your kids like to climb on the sink to look in the mirror).


Another style specific to the basin of the sink, the vessel sink uses a bowl for the basin that essentially sits on the countertop. This design increases the storage space under the countertop but also decreases the counter space. You also have to be careful that you have space to mount the faucet higher than you would for other vanity types.

Vanity Cabinet

This is the bathroom equivalent of built-in kitchen cabinets, with an emphasis on storage. This vanity type does sacrifice floor space, but you gain a beautiful and useful piece of furniture in your bathroom.


The freestanding vanity is a broader category of the pedestal sink. While the pedestal sink is usually one piece and tapered, the freestanding vanity is often square or rectangular all the way to the floor. You still are opting for clean lines over storage, but you can often incorporate other basin styles with this vanity to customize the look.


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