Tips for Organizing Your Bathroom

Tips for Organizing Your Bathroom

Need tips for keeping your private spa (a.k.a. bathroom) organized? Kenwood Kitchens is here to help.

The bathroom is one of the most essential yet high-maintenance rooms in the house. It is both the room that can get the most cluttered and dilapidated but also be a luxurious retreat. Whether you are happy with your current bathroom or are planning to renovate, organization is key to keeping it pristine. Here are several tips for organizing your bathroom for the long-term.

Deep Drawers

Unless you are going for a pedestal sink, under-counter cabinets are a staple storage space for any home bathroom. These days, it is more stylish and more efficient to install deep drawers rather than cupboards. Instead of scrounging around in the under-counter cabinetry, you can just pull out whatever drawer for whatever supply you need.

Drawer Organizer

Going along with this are drawer dividers, which can come in different materials like plastic or bamboo. A simple drawer organizer can help these spaces avoid becoming a jumbled mess.

Wall Storage

Bathrooms have endless storage needs, but there is only so much floor space. One can get creative with adding storage to the walls, utilizing floating shelves, built-ins, medicine cabinets, racks, hooks, etc. You can make storage into a work of art by placing it over the sink, over the toilet, or on an opposite wall.

Corner Storage

Corners are also fantastic places to add storage units. If there is an odd nook or cranny in the bathroom, there’s a chance you can convert it into a storage area. Corner shelves and corner cabinets are both possibilities.

Shower Storage

Apart from the overall bathroom, you can make your shower nice and neat by implementing appropriate wall storage. For example, corner shelving is common, as are accessories like showerhead storage caddies and hooks. You could even install a corner shampoo, conditioner, and body wash dispenser.

Portable and Countertop

After the main cabinetry is in place, such as under-counter storage, wall shelving, and corner cabinetry, it’s time to think of the finishing touches. Depending on your bathroom design and size, you might have a stool, a wheeled storage tower, or a standalone towel rack. You might have a cosmetics station, or just a simple tray for hand towels. The choice is completely yours in your private spa.


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