How to Choose Kitchen Appliances

How to Choose Kitchen Appliances

The appliances are the foundational elements of kitchen design.

Kitchen remodels can be both stressful and exciting. The process takes months to complete, from looking for a kitchen remodeler to planning to seeing the final result. While many might first think of the flooring, counters, and cabinetry they will want, the main part of the entire kitchen design is the appliances. They by no means make up a small portion of the space, and are the reason you have a kitchen in the first place. Here are several tips on how to choose kitchen appliances.

Choose ASAP

Because kitchen appliances are the fundamental factors in kitchen design, you will need to select them as soon as possible. You can customize cabinetry and counters, but it might be impossible to do so with your range or refrigerator. The design will then work around these features.

Measure in Detail

At the same time, there is some overlap in choosing appliances along with other components. For example, knowing the depth of your countertops will help you pick fridges, etc., that are flush with it for a streamlined look. Measure your doorways and stairways if applicable also so that you’ll know you can fit the appliances through them.

Look for Standard Brands

Another helpful tip is to look for standard brand name appliances. These machines will do a lot of heavy work for years to come, so you want to be sure you can rely on its make for durability and quality. Therefore, look for ones manufactured by well-established brands rather than off-brands.


With the range, you’ll come across the age-old question: electric or gas? It is most efficient to go with what your house will supply. If it already uses gas, it is easier to go with a gas stove. Even so, you still have the flexibility to go with one option or the other for cooking preferences. You also have the option of choosing separate ovens and stovetops as well.


Next, consider the kind of refrigerator you’d like. Different models include top freezer, bottom freezer, and French doors. While a larger kitchen gives more room for a bigger fridge, you will find today that smaller ones still pack a lot of room. You can also purchase a model designed for custom paneling to blend in with your cabinets.


Lastly, make sure to choose an Energy Star dishwasher with the features you need. Today, they can be much quieter and use less water than those of previous generations. Some dishwashers also can have paneling.


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