Tips for Choosing and Installing a Spa Tub

Tips for Choosing and Installing a Spa Tub

Thinking of adding a spa tub to your bathroom design? Check out these tips.

One of the oldest methods of physical therapy is hydrotherapy. Water, and hot water at that, has a relaxing property that stimulates blood circulation, the relaxation of muscles, deeper sleep, and so many other health benefits. If relieving aches and pains or just relaxing is your cup of tea, you can go forward in your spa tub search in confidence. Even so, there are several considerations to keep in mind.

What Is a Spa Tub?

The terms “hot tub,” “spa tub,” and “jacuzzi,” are often used interchangeably, but each do have their differences. In particular, a spa tub is an indoor bathroom tub that uses heated water and some form of water activation like whirlpool jets, air jets, bubbles, or steam. The spa tub may also have LED lights installed inside and outside the basin.

Sit in the Tub

Even if a tub looks good, it won’t necessarily meet your expectations. A fantastic tub will feel great to use. Therefore, it is best to actually go to a showroom and sit in different ones. Testing it out in-person is the only way to truly know it will be the right fit for you. When you go, wear casual, soft clothing that is more likely to mimic the experience.

Right-Handed or Left?

If you include a handheld sprayer in your design, be sure to determine the most efficient way to access it. For example, what direction will you be facing in the tub? Are you right-handed or left-handed? How can you position the sprayer for easy-reach?

What Style?

While spa tubs can come with different features, they also have different styles. A drop-in tub is a basin that fits into a custom surround. The custom surround supports the tub and can house its machinery. Alcove and corner tubs are also common, one fitting into a space within three walls, and the other, of course, in a corner. A freestanding tub is a focal point, but it does require outside bracketing and placement of the pump, blower, etc.

Does It Fit?

There is much more to a spa tub than the basin and its connection to the plumbing and heating. It’s best to go over all the components of the spa tub with a qualified installer. For more information on how to incorporate your dream spa tub, come visit a Kenwood Kitchens showroom!


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