Tips for Waterfront Kitchen Design

Tips for Waterfront Kitchen Design

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One of the best things about Maryland is its waterfront views. With the beautiful scenery of the Chesapeake Bay, the Atlantic Ocean, and many rivers, there is plenty of room for waterfront properties to flourish. If you have been graced with such a home, you have the chance to create a beautiful kitchen in which to enjoy those views. If you are looking to remodel, here are a few waterfront kitchen design tips to keep in mind.

Think Purpose

A kitchen has several basic components, including the refrigerator, the sink, and the range. Even so, a kitchen is more than just an area to prepare food. Usually, it’s the most high-traffic room in the house. Think of how you want to use the space, and form your waterfront kitchen design from there. For instance, how much do you like to cook or bake? Do you drink a lot of coffee or tea? Do you need storage for specific appliances? Your kitchen will work best when it is custom to your needs.¬†

Think Views

You can also consider the design based on how you want to enjoy the waterfront view from that space. For instance, do you want to entertain friends around the kitchen island? Would you like to see the water as you do the dishes? Maybe you’d enjoy sipping your morning coffee in a breakfast nook facing the scene. As one of the busiest rooms in the house, it deserves to have prime views to the property.

Keep It Open and Airy

There are ways to facilitate the views through architectural features. For instance, a kitchen with an open layout connected to the living or dining room will allow for one, long wall of windows. Likewise, high ceilings will let you have taller windows. As a waterfront property, you will likely enjoy a spacious and airy kitchen to match the atmosphere.

Match Interior with Exterior

Once you have the layout for all your appliances and cabinetry, it’s time to focus on materials and colors. Generally, interior designs aim to match the essence of their surrounding geography; in this case, a waterfront home brings in elements of the Bay or the beach with light, airy, coastal materials and colors. Light-colored woods, whites, blues, and greens are common elements. Kenwood Kitchens welcomes you to talk with one of their kitchen designers to work out the best design for you.


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