Kitchen Design Tips for Top Chefs

Kitchen Design Tips for Top Chefs

Are you the chef of your home? Let Kenwood Kitchens design you the kitchen of your dreams.

With Thanksgiving approaching, the most serious cooks in the neighborhood are getting ready to prepare a grand feast. However, when the kitchen fails to have the best design to accommodate the heavy-duty projects of the chef, it can be more difficult to turn out an amazing meal. Thankfully, these kitchen design tips can help top chefs build the kitchen of their dreams.

Kitchen Triangle

Every kitchen, except for the one-wall kitchen, adheres to the basic kitchen triangle principle. The three anchors of the design are the refrigerator, the stove, and the sink. Often, the sink and refrigerator are against one wall while the stove sits on the opposite wall. Otherwise, each feature sits against a separate wall.

Double Sink

As one of the three anchors of kitchen design, the sink has an essential role to play. It’s where everyone gets fresh water for drinking, cooking, washing dishes, and washing fruits and vegetables. Some people prefer one large sink, but others suggest having a double sink where one can store dirty dishes in one and wash produce in the other.

Double Oven

The oven is essential for preparing Thanksgiving turkeys, beef roasts, pies, cookies, and countless other delicious dishes. If you are a serious chef, you might consider investing in a double oven so you can prepare two or more dishes at once.

Durable Counters

No matter the size of your kitchen, ample counter space is always welcome. When redesigning your kitchen, durable, long-lasting, and low-maintenance countertops are ideal. Each material has its pros and cons. For instance, concrete, quartz, granite, and soapstone are highly durable, but do require occasional sealing. Tile is affordable, but can be hard to clean. Butcher block might not be as high-end as stone, but it is antimicrobial. 

Appliance Drawers

Another way to help yourself be more efficient when creating culinary masterpieces is to include appliance drawers in your design. One can easily crowd a kitchen with tools and mid-sized appliances, which is why easy-to-reach appliance drawers help keep the room non-cluttered.

Smart Storage

In general, you will want to think hard and plan thoroughly when considering your kitchen storage. It is best to work with a kitchen designer for insight and make a list of all the ways you use your kitchen.


Lastly, with the wonderful new kitchen design you have, you’ll want to have sufficient lighting to work with them. Ambiance lighting illuminates the whole room, but if you only need to work on something specific, you’ll need to have task lighting for that spot in the kitchen. For eating areas, accent lighting is best.


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