Tips for Kitchen Organization

Tips for Kitchen Organization

Keep your kitchen looking fabulous with the help of these organization tips.

The kitchen is the room that sees the most traffic and action. People use it not just for preparing meals, but entertaining, getting a quick snack, and dining. With all the activity and equipment involved in this unique room, it can be difficult to stay organized. If you are looking to refresh your space and start anew, check out these helpful tips for kitchen organization.

The Decision to Organize

One can only maintain kitchen organization if one has decided to keep it organized and continually renew that decision. Even if you have a spotless kitchen with state-of-the-art fixtures, appliances, and cabinetry, a messy person will continue to leave the room in shambles. Promote health, cleanliness, efficiency, and mental wellbeing with a well-ordered lifestyle.

Occasional Purge

It’s normal to become disorganized and cluttered every now and again, no matter how well-stocked and designed your kitchen is. It’s healthy to do an occasional purge or your pantry and refrigerator to toss ineffective containers and expired food and clean the surfaces well.

Organized by Design

Regardless, a well-designed kitchen does make a huge difference when it comes to kitchen organization. There are so many ways to store tools and food, from pull-out appliance drawers to hidden spice racks to simple hooks for hanging spoons. For the best start to a well-organized space, consult with a certified kitchen designer.

Make the Most of Space

One way that kitchen design helps one stay orderly is by making the most of every space. There is always some kind of ingenious way to maximize storage space and organize it into purposeful zones. One zone might be for meal prep, while another might be for making coffee and tea.

Easy to Reach

You’ll want to make a list of what items you use the most, and make sure you can access all of them easily while keeping seldom-used items tucked away. It can be as simple as keeping the electric mixer on the counter or as fancy as creating a paper towel drawer.

Clear and Labeled Storage

Lastly, when storing miscellaneous and bulk items, it is best to use clear glass or plastic containers. With a solid or opaque container, it’s easy to forget what’s inside. To make things even clearer, label each container to pick items out easily.


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