Designing a Smart Kitchen

Designing a Smart Kitchen

Thinking of creating a smart kitchen? Here are a few ways to get started.

Futuristic home design is now a possibility and a reality, and now, one of the busiest rooms in the house can get an upgrade. Whether you are a pro at using smart technology or want to take the plunge, incorporating these features into your kitchen design can make cooking, grocery shopping, and more much easier and more efficient. Here are a few tips to check out before embarking on your smart kitchen renovation.

What Is a Smart Kitchen?

A smart kitchen generally refers to the integration of IoT (the Internet of Things) in the kitchen. The Internet of Things consists of any and all appliances that, while having a practical use in daily life, have become even niftier with Wifi connectivity. At the sound of your voice, a touch of your finger, or a command from your smartphone, you can seamlessly automate tasks.

Choosing Your Range

If your kitchen is smart, however, that does not necessarily mean you have to go with the whole package. You can get your feet wet with one or two automated tools, or go big with one or more smart major appliances. You get to choose the level of IoT integration in your kitchen and home.

Top Smart Kitchen Features 2020

Believe it or not, it doesn’t take a millionaire’s budget to add smart features to your kitchen. Many tools list average at around $100 but can drop well below that price. One can get anything from an automated pan stirrer to a smart scale to a smart coffeemaker or invest in larger machines like smart toasters, toaster ovens, microwave ovens, and instant pots. Then you can go upscale even more: various top kitchen appliance brands offer smart refrigerators, ranges, hoods, dishwashers, and faucets. Depending on the level of upscaling you’d like to achieve and the functionality you’d like, you can choose from minor tools to major appliances.

Talk with a Kitchen Designer

While you will want to research your options thoroughly and weigh them carefully, you’ll also benefit from talking with a certified kitchen designer. A trained designer can give insights and ideas that the average homeowner might not realize and help make the most out of the space. If you are ready to begin planning your kitchen renovation, talk with Kenwood Kitchens!


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