Kitchen Renovation Ideas 2021

Kitchen Renovation Ideas 2021

Planning a kitchen? Check out these ideas that cover both specific and big picture trends!

Kitchens renovations are one of the most massive home improvement projects one can tackle, but embarking on this project doesn’t have to be a struggle. Keeping in tune with the best design ideas of the day can help you make plans for features you might not have thought of. To help get you started, here is a list of the top seven kitchen renovation ideas 2021.

A Dedicated Pantry

After an extended time in lockdown, many people realize how important kitchen storage space is, especially when stocking up for longer periods of time. The pantry, a room or large enclosed space dedicated to goods not requiring refrigeration, is likely returning and is worth considering for your home.

Steam Cooking & Other Appliances

Kitchen gadgetry never gets old, and the types of machines one can buy are endless. With much cooking at home in the past year, people may need a kitchen design that can fit these new appliances. One is the steam cooking oven, which is already gaining in popularity over the microwave oven. Specialty ovens are on the rise.

Smart Appliances

Likewise, smart appliances are also trendy. Not all smart appliances are necessarily connected to your home Wi-Fi, however. Some features could be as simple as a touchless faucet or a touchless trash can. Of course, one can also take advantage of the convenient services provided by smart technology.

Decorative Range Hoods

Range hoods may be making a comeback as a focal point in the kitchen. This time around, however, it might not be making as big a statement as a traditional hood. Kitchen design experts say that the focus is in the materials and details of the hood that make it appealing. 

Outdoor Connection

Other kitchen renovation ideas 2021 deal with the big picture. After spending much time in the house, people are longing for the outdoors more. Bringing the outdoors in has already been popular over the recent years, but in 2021, it is still in high demand.

Open Spaces

Open-concept living is still highly desirable. No one wants to feel cramped or crowded in this high-traffic area. Keeping the kitchen open involves configuring the kitchen components in an easy-flow manner, which is why hiring a kitchen designer is a good way to get the best results. 


Every kitchen is unique to the home. Remember that your kitchen does not have to follow what’s trending, but the trends can certainly inform your ideas for what may be most practical and high value. Customization of your kitchen involves formulating a kitchen design fit to the space and one’s style rather than a one-size-fits-all. 


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