Bathroom Renovation Fails: What to Avoid

Bathroom Renovation Fails: What to Avoid

Your bathroom is worth the best of materials and design; be sure to steer clear from these mistakes!

A bathroom renovation, whether large or small, can make a major impact on one’s home. The bathroom is a room that requires almost as much extensive engineering as the kitchen, as it heavily incorporates plumbing into the design. A bathroom remodel is not a project that can be performed haphazardly, especially if you plan to sell the home. Read on below to avoid the most common bathroom renovation fails.

Forgetting Ventilation

With much plumbing comes much humidity, and too much of it can lead to significant problems like paint and grout deterioration and mold growth. If it is a very small bathroom, a window may be sufficient for ventilation purposes. Otherwise, it is always necessary to have a properly-sized ventilation unit to ensure healthy airflow for both you and the bathroom.

Choosing the Wrong Materials

Some materials may seem like the perfect fit for your dream bathroom aesthetic, but upon closer inspection, they could also lead to some unpleasant moisture issues. Wood cabinetry and countertops, for example, can shrink, expand, and warp due to high humidity, and some wallpapers can bubble, stain, and even foster mold growth. Be sure that all your materials are durable and waterproof.

Not Having a Plan

Even if you have some bathroom renovation ideas, you’ll definitely need a solid bathroom design. A renovation plan entails not just the fixtures and flooring, but the exact measurements of the space and all the elements within it. It involves spacing and measuring everything with precision, so there won’t be any surprises during the installation process. Thankfully, working with a Kenwood Kitchens designer can make the design plan much easier.

Not Setting a Budget

One should set aside a realistic budget before choosing fixtures and the like. The budget should honestly reflect what you can afford, and every budget needs to account for possible extra spendings that may be necessary. Kenwood Kitchens can help you figure what a reasonable budget for your project would look like.

Focusing on Looks Alone

Bathroom renovation fails mostly have to do with a lack of functionality. One of the biggest bathroom renovation fails is to focus on the look of a bathroom more than the fundamentals, such as traffic flow, energy-efficiency, and other elements listed above. One must first plan out the base before putting on the ornaments.


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