Best Color for Your Kitchen

Best Color for Your Kitchen

Colors change everything in the kitchen. Kenwood Kitchens can help you choose the best one for you.

Kitchens are one of the favorite rooms of the house. They’re the place where everyone goes to grab a snack, a cup of tea or coffee, and serve up every meal of the day. The kitchen can be the heart of the home and a place to entertain. When creating the best atmosphere for your kitchen, one should consider color carefully. Personal taste will definitely inform one’s decision, although knowing how each color can affect your space can be helpful. The best color for your kitchen could be one or more of these options.


White kitchens remain ever-popular and will always be classic; after all, white is a combination of every color in the rainbow. White rooms give a sense of spaciousness and brightness, which is great for waking a person up in the morning. It also feels cleaner and allows one to spot dirt to clean up more easily. With white, you’ll have more flexibility to add accent colors that can change with time.


Red is a fantastic accent color for the kitchen, as it is known to increase one’s appetite. Red comes in infinite shades and tones, so one can go with a cool red or a warm red. Having red cabinetry, countertops, or even flooring can add some character and warmth to your kitchen.


Yellow could easily be the color of happiness, and it also has the potential to make people hungry. Painting the kitchen cabinets or walls a pleasant yellow can instantly give you a lemony-sweet feeling, especially when paired with white, gray, black, and wood tones.


Green is the color one most closely associates with nature, and therefore makes sense to use for the kitchen. Green is a dramatic color, although it is available in a vast range of shades, like mint green, apple green, or forest green.


Everyone’s favorite color, blue also works excellently and is also trending. Light, pale blue or navy blue both work well for cabinetry. Pairing it with a neutral color plus a pop of orange or yellow will make the kitchen even more inviting.


Gray can be deadly in the wrong shade and lighting, but every gray has an underlying color that can lend the kitchen a bluer, greener, yellower, redder, etc., look. This neutral color is almost as popular as white and can calm any room.


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