How to Warm Up Your Kitchen Design

How to Warm Up Your Kitchen Design

Need ideas for warming up your kitchen design? Here are just a few.

Winter has come to Maryland this year as it hasn’t in years; snow is on the ground! While it may be cold and cloudy outside, it can be warm and bright on the inside. People often say that the kitchen is the heart of the home, but if that kitchen design is stark, cold, and possibly all-white or grey, you might find warmth a missing feature. Here are several ways to warm up your kitchen design for a year-round, inviting appeal.

Wood Features

Wood is the go-to choice for many kitchen design features and can apply to more surfaces than one might imagine. Wood flooring and wood cabinetry may be the norm, but have you ever thought of wood countertops or a wood exhaust hood? Having at least one wood feature in the kitchen can help to give a natural and warm sense to the space.

Warm Metal Fixtures

Brass is coming back, and so is gold! Although these metals are certainly optional, one can consider adding them as the choice for cabinet handles and the faucet. They can add contrast and a spark of warmth to an otherwise colder-looking kitchen with their pops of yellow.

Colored Cabinets

White kitchens are still beautiful, as are kitchens with all-wood cabinets. However, the 2020s may see a move toward two-toned or painted cabinetry for more visual interest. Blues, greens, and greys are among the more popular kitchen cabinet colors, which one could easily pair with white or wooden cabinets.

Ample Lighting

Lighting changes everything. One benefit of changing your kitchen design is that you can have a fresh look at your kitchen lighting. If you need task lighting or pendant lighting, now is the time to add it. Warm lighting that will suffice for all your kitchen needs will help you make the most of this room and feel more comfortable.


Some common decor items for warming up the kitchen design is a vintage rug, upholstery, colored appliances, backsplash, and plants. A rug will add both visual and real warmth, while upholstery will be perfect if you have a breakfast nook. Colored appliances and backsplash give neutral kitchens a splash of color, while plants make the room feel more alive.


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