Ideas for Organizing Bathroom Cabinets

Ideas for Organizing Bathroom Cabinets

The bathroom cabinetry can be difficult to organize; check out these helpful tips!

Your bathroom should be a peaceful sanctuary, whether you use it to gear up for your day, wind down in the evening, or both. Regardless of the size, good organization is the key to having a bathroom that isn’t overrun with clutter. Your bathroom cabinets can either be a disorganized disaster or a bastion of organization. Check out these great ideas to bring some peace to your bathroom cabinets.

Slide Out Trays

The back of a cabinet always seems to become a wasteland of the lost and forgotten. That’s because it’s hard to see back there past all the stuff in the front. Slide-out trays are an easy and convenient solution to this problem. Install them and then fill the tray as you would normally fill the cabinet, but then slide it out to easily access everything in there.

Capitalize On Corners

If you can’t add slide-out trays to a cabinet (in the under-sink area where the pipes are, for instance), consider a corner organizer instead. Use a multi-tier organizer so you can build your storage up and take even better advantage of the usually unused space.

Hooks For Hanging Stuff

The inside cabinet door space is valuable organization real estate. Use hooks to hang things like your curling iron or blow dryer on the backs of the doors to free up shelf space. There are many different over-the-door storage solutions available as well. Depending on the type of door, magnetic storage solutions might work too.

Convert To Open Storage

Open storage doesn’t immediately seem like a good solution to disorder, since it makes hiding the clutter harder. That’s a good thing, though, so it won’t build up. Additionally, if you’re converting drawers to open shelves (by removing the drawer fronts), they will still pull out, giving you easy access to the stuff in the back.

Divide The Drawers

Drawers are often the last stop on the organization train because they seem to fill up with assorted stuff so easily. Even when we sort them, they get cluttered again in a few days. Drawer dividers are a great way to conquer some of the clutter, and once you have a place for everything else, the drawers may stay sorted for longer.


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