Best Time for a Bathroom Remodel

Best Time for a Bathroom Remodel

Could winter be a good time for a bathroom renovation? Find out here.

Many people spend the winter dreaming about the home improvement projects they want to complete during the spring or summer. There’s a common assumption that winter is not a good time for home renovations. But why not? Especially if your home renovation is a bathroom remodel, winter is one great time to get started.

Time Period

The bathroom remodeling process can take longer than one might expect. It can take weeks to find the right contracting company, weeks to come up with an ideal bathroom design with the in-house designer, and more weeks to order the materials. The construction process can take days, depending on the extent and size of the bathroom remodel. By the time the remodeling starts, it could be early spring, which is a fantastic time to work on a myriad of home improvement projects.


Maryland is well-known for its temperate temperatures. It is a four-season state, with minimal snow and mild spring and fall seasons. Summer is notoriously humid. It is possibly more comfortable to perform a bathroom remodel during fall, winter, or spring due to the milder weather. Even so, your bathroom remodeler will know how to take on a project regardless of the season.


Communities are naturally busiest during the holidays like Christmas and during summer breaks. In Maryland, there’s always something to do for everyone. How does this translate to your family? In the fall, you’ll pass through Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year. If your family tends to socialize or gather more frequently during these times, it may be smarter to start your project in winter so the construction can begin in the following year or early spring. Otherwise, planning the construction to take place earlier on is no problem.


Another essential factor to consider is your budget. Having a safe budget prepared ahead of time is the best way to finance your project. It may take some research to see what your estimation should be; feel free to call Kenwood Kitchens for more detailed information on what you can expect to pay.

The Best Time for You

Every household is different. Every household works on a slightly different yearly schedule and has different priorities. While the weather could play a small role in your bathroom remodel endeavors, your decision as to when to start your journey will likely focus on multiple factors.


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