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With Kenwood Kitchens, you can have the kitchen and bathroom of your dreams!

You have finally decided to have your kitchen or bathroom remodeled. Maybe you are building a new home or thinking about an addition to your existing home. Either way, you are investing a substantial amount of money to have things exactly the way you have envisioned for probably quite some time. Why would you want to give up on your dream kitchen or bathroom just before the process gets started? Hiring a qualified kitchen or bathroom specialist is your way to ensure the success of your project. Since 1974, Kenwood Kitchens has proven to be one of Maryland’s premier kitchen or bathroom experts ready to guide you through each step of the way with their own designers and installation teams. With showrooms in Ann Arundel, Baltimore, Harford and Howard counties, they are conveniently located to serve you. Where do you begin? Read on and find out!

Think About What You Need

The first thing is to make a list of what you need to function properly in your space. Not everything is as obvious as it seems. Yes, everyone needs a place for dishes, cookware, utensils and pantry storage – but, each household is different to how much of this storage is necessary. Some families may only need seating for two while others require much more. Your designer will need to know these answers in order to account for these needs.

Planning a Look

Just as important as functionality is the look and feel of your space. You need to feel good about going into this space every day so you can enjoy preparing meals as well as the clean-up after which should not feel like such a chore. Or, perhaps you remember that spa like a bathroom on that vacation you took and want to have that same feel when you step into your own sanctuary each day. Kenwood Kitchens can achieve that for you.

Budgeting for Your Kitchen or Bathroom

You are not alone if you have no idea of how much to budget for a kitchen or bathroom. A Kenwood Kitchens designer can help you with establishing a budget range based on some of the information above along with the value of your home and knowing where your threshold is for the particular project. Others who have researched or have done similar projects in the past have an idea of what the investment will likely be. By sharing this with your designer, it saves a lot of time from having to revise plans and pricing. Additionally, we would rather be proactive rather than having the disappointment of over-designing for an unknown budget and having to pull back some of the desired features. Budget is often the most uncomfortable discussion – but, one that eventually comes out in the end after a longer process than is needed. This is why Kenwood Kitchens likes to try to establish a budget before design work begins.

Visiting and Hiring Kenwood Kitchens

It is always best to make an appointment with a designer to make sure someone can spend quality time with you explaining what you see as you walk through our well-appointed showrooms and learn more about our process. Our Showrooms have many complete displays showing “true to life” kitchens and bathrooms so you can feel the space as it would be in your own home. In addition to the limitless selection of cabinetry styles and finishes, you will see lighting, appliances, countertops, flooring, backsplash treatments and everything necessary to complete your kitchen or bathroom. Our designers can help you pull these materials together and incorporate them into a functional design that works with your lifestyle. Our production team makes sure the plans are carried out through the entire installation process right to the end with our quality craftsmen of carpenters, plumbers, electricians, tile setters, etc. Kenwood Kitchens is your one-stop shop for everything you need for your kitchen or bathroom project.


After our initial consultation of learning about each other, establishing a budget and understanding the direction of the project, your designer can begin the conceptual designs which allows them to get estimates on materials and labor. They will need to work from dimensions you have provided or visit the home to gather information needed to complete this task. The next meeting will be in the showroom to present the conceptual design along with an estimate. It is not uncommon that at this stage everything is decided and ready to move into a contract – but, in most cases, there are revisions to be made to the design, details to be worked out and material selections to be confirmed. Before entering into the next phase of the process your designer may ask for a retainer or pre-deposit to continue developing the plans for the contract.

Material Selections

This is the fun part. Styles, colors, textures start coming together as you make your selections. While choosing these materials, your designer may need to direct you based on your budget. Prepare yourself to be flexible if you are working within a tight budget – but don’t get discouraged. There are many materials with similar looks within your price range. Here are some of the main selections you will need to decide on:

  • Cabinetry – Kenwood Kitchens does not handle a “stock” line of cabinetry if you are looking for something in a few day or a couple of weeks. The “custom” cabinetry we handle generally takes around 8-weeks. Don’t necessarily relate the word “custom” to “expensive”. Though some custom cabinets are more expensive than some stock cabinets, that’s not always true. For us, “custom” means they are “built to order” and not sitting somewhere in a warehouse ready to be shipped. The benefit is that we can order the sizes that best fit your space without unnecessary fillers. Another benefit is that your custom cabinetry will all be color matched for a uniform look where as stock cabinet may be months or years apart from when they were made as they sit aging in a box. But, by far our custom cabinetry is superior to stock cabinets in the quality of construction and finishing for you to enjoy for many years. You may see different construction methods of cabinetry as you begin looking. There is the “traditional framed” construction allowing you to have an “inset” look or a reveal around the cabinet doors. There is also “full-access” allowing each door to butt close to each other and giving you better access to the cabinets. This is especially noticed in cabinetry with drawers and interior accessories giving you, even more, door styles and finish options are almost endless. You can choose among American Classics, European Inspirations or Contemporary Expressions to name a few of the Global Architectural Design Themes. Standard stains to burnished or heirloom furniture finishes, solid paints to glazed or crackled finishes and a wide variety of exotic wood veneers and laminates. There are many interior options you can add to help organize your life within the kitchen such as roll-outs for the pantry or pots & pans, recycling centers, dividers for utensils, cutlery, baking sheets and other trays. Trash compartments behind doors and out of site of guests. There are file drawer cabinets for a desk unit or home office along with organizers for the vanity area for hot curling irons, brushes, etc.
  • Countertops – You will find an assortment of many types of countertop surfaces in our showrooms and the various edge treatments that you can add to suit your taste. There are many choices among the natural materials such as granite and marble as well as the quartz materials such as Cambria, Caesar Stone, Silestone, etc. We also offer wood tops for different uses – whether it be for a dining area with a permanent finish or a food grade oil finish for a chopping block or prep area.
  • Appliances – Kenwood Kitchens can supply Sub-Zero, Wolf, Asko and Best appliances directly from the manufacturer’s distribution agent – and, in most cases, we can offer an additional warranty period at no extra charge when we do the installation. We will also install other appliances that you may purchase on your own.
  • Sinks, Faucets & Fixtures – There are endless options to the combinations of sinks, faucets, and fixtures to choose from. Our designers have their favorites that our customers have been very pleased with for many years. With a few answered questions we can help narrow your search efficiently.
  • Tile Floors and Walls – We can do a substantial amount of tile work for your kitchen or bathroom. Our showroom displays show a good variety of tile layouts and patterns to help you through this process along with each having a certain amount of sample boards to help get things in motion. You may find exactly what you want or it may be we send you to one of our preferred local suppliers to widen your choices and select what compliments your other selections best. Most importantly for bathrooms, we focus on providing waterproofing solutions to assure your bathroom will last for many years.

Contract Stage

At this time, a design has been finalized, all materials have been selected and a price has been agreed upon. Once we receive signatures and the appropriate deposit you will receive a copy of all drawings and documents that are part of the contract along with a delivery or installation date.


Now that we are under contract, our production team starts ordering materials and putting together a schedule that will make the job flow smoothly. As products come into our warehouse, we check them for any damages and stage them until the work begins. A few weeks before the project starts, you will get a reminder to start preparing for the demo. Collect boxes to store things while the job is in the process. While emptying your cabinets – this is a good time to go through everything you have accumulated and get re-organized for your new kitchen or bathroom. Some homeowners set up a temporary kitchen elsewhere in the home with a toaster oven and such to help with meals during the down time. Others take the opportunity to try those restaurants they’ve been meaning to check out. Consider boarding pets that may be sensitive to strangers and noise.

The Project Begins

The home is protected with floor protection and dust control before demo begins. A staging area may be secured in another room or garage for materials and tools. Expect the water and some electric may need to be shut-off for a short period of time during the project (typically at the initial tear-out and reconnect). You will receive a calendar showing you what is to happen each day of the project so you will be well informed of who is coming each day. Our typical hours are 7:30-4:00 during the week. We seldom work after hours or on weekends. During the process, our job supervisors are checking on the work being done and making sure we are on schedule. Your designer may also be out from time to time to check the progress and answer any questions. Overall, you are in very good hands. As the project comes to an end, a walk-thru is scheduled with your job supervisor and/or your designer to go over any questions or concerns you may have. It is our goal to exceed your expectations.

Job Completion

Our work may have come to an end but we hope to hear from you again for another project. We appreciate your referrals – so please tell your family and friends!

If you are interested in remodeling your kitchen or bathroom – or, need cabinets for any part of your home, please call Kenwood Kitchens at (800) 211-8394 or visit one of our showrooms located in Lutherville, Abingdon, Columbia or Annapolis, Maryland.              

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