How to Budget for a New Bathroom

How to Budget for a New Bathroom

Budgeting properly will help you renovate smarter. These are ways to plan your bathroom remodel costs.

A bathroom remodel can be just as luxurious as a kitchen remodel. The bathroom is the place to refresh oneself and relax, and the only other room in the house that involves significant plumbing. While you may have numerous ideas for how to turn your old bathroom into a spectacular retreat, you’ll first need to budget in order to make your new bathroom worth it.

Know the Average Cost

First, consider the size and type of bathroom you want to remodel and what the national and local averages are for a renovation. A powder room vs. a family bath vs. a master bath remodel will differ significantly in price, and your renovation may be more or less extensive than others. Your neighborhood may also be on the higher or lower end of the construction scale. On a national average, a new bathroom can cost between $6,109 to $15,352, or about $10,730, in 2021. Depending on numerous factors, your remodel could be much less or much more than these figures. 

Talk to Experts

With these ballpark averages in mind, talk to several bathroom remodeling companies to see what services and prices they offer. Find a contractor or company you work well with and who can make your vision come to life. Ultimately, you will need to get a detailed, solid quote from each contender and know exactly what you are paying for.

Know Your Must-Haves

It pays to build a new bathroom that fits your area’s context. You neither want to put in a bathroom that is too luxurious nor too plain. Even so, you might have some ideas that are must-haves for you. It could be a certain sink style, a soaking tub, or a certain layout. If you plan to stay in the house for a long time, there is no reason to not include these items in your budget.

Expect the Unexpected

While it is a must to have a maximum budget for your bathroom and to stick to it, be sure to have some padding as well. Expect the unexpected in your renovation project. Often, something will come up that could delay or alter the progress slightly. 


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