Double Kitchen Island: Pros and Cons

Double Kitchen Island: Pros and Cons

Is a double kitchen island a good trend? See the pros and cons here.

One trend that has been around for a while and is continuing into the 2020s is the double kitchen island. A double kitchen island is a pair of kitchen islands that often serve two different functions. They are usually parallel but can also be side-by-side or configured whatever way works for you. Many may wonder, is this a good idea? Here are the main pros and cons of this invention.

Designate Work Spaces

A double kitchen island can give more space for different purposes. For example, if your children are drawing or doing homework on one island, you can focus on preparing dinner on the other. One can put dishware on one and food on the other for guests at a buffet-style meal. The second island could also be a breakfast table or as a general surface dividing the kitchen from the living room. 

Regulate Traffic Flow

Traffic flow can become problematic with a double kitchen island, which is why it is so necessary to have a kitchen designer help you with this process. If done wrong, you’ll end up walking around counters far too often. On the other hand, the double island can better separate a kitchen workspace from a gathering space. With a large enough kitchen and the correct layout, traffic will be a breeze.

Balance the Kitchen

Some kitchens are spacious enough that two islands would better balance the space. Otherwise, it would look lopsided with too much cabinetry on one end compared to the other. You can choose to put a dining table in the empty space, which is removable, or you could opt for a more permanent solution.

More Expensive

Budgeting is necessary to put a cap on how much you spend on the kitchen. You never want to go overboard. If you have stuck with a particular budget, a second kitchen island may be too pricey. However, if it would be perfect for balancing the space, you may need to compromise elsewhere.

Could Be Too Busy

Perhaps you prefer intimate get-togethers or have a smaller-sized family. Maybe a double kitchen island would be too vast for your gatherings and separate the cook from the rest of the clan. If you already have ample countertops, a second island could also be too much. If you are still wondering which way to go, Kenwood Kitchens is happy to help you with this decision and more.


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