Bathroom Design Trends 2021

Bathroom Design Trends 2021

2021’s bathroom design trends have something for everyone.

If there is any room in the house that is meant to be relaxing, it might be the bathroom. Bathrooms are highly practical in their function but are open to endless design possibilities. Since it is enclosed from the rest of the house, you can make it look however you want. Of course, it is always good to go with a design that will stand the test of time. Below are some of the top bathroom design trends for 2021.


One popular theme across recent years is bringing nature indoors. The trend by no means stops in 2021. One can incorporate the great outdoors into your bathroom in countless ways, such as using earthy colors, nature-inspired details, thematic wallpaper, and bringing in actual plants.

Spa Day

Given current events and one’s daily hard work in general, it isn’t surprising that everyone wants a spa day. A spa-like bathroom can give you that sweet retreat in your very own home; with calming colors, spa-like features, and shelving for candles, you’ll be set.


Typical bathrooms are just that: typical. They may contain ordinary, neutral colors and mere standard appliances. While nothing is wrong with the neutral or while, modern bathroom, more people are now implementing bold themes of their choice. The beach or the forest are two examples.


There’s still room for the minimalist bathroom in 2021’s bathroom design trends. Minimalism doesn’t have to be sterile, but at the very least inspires one to save space and avoid clutter. One can have a beautiful bathroom while keeping it simple, clean, and spacious.

Smart Features

Smart features continue to be popular for those who love technology. Smart mirrors can light up in new ways, defog itself, play music, report the weather, and much more. Toilets can self-clean, and warming drawers can house your towels. There is much to explore.


Marble is coming back. Still as luxurious as ever, people are bringing new and unusual colors into their bathroom designs, such as green, blue, purple, and more. One can use it on the walls, floor, or both.


If your bathroom has enough natural lighting, a black color palette can be striking. Black and white is always classic, but one can use hints of gold, brass, or another color as well.


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