Elements of a Spa-Like Bathroom

Elements of a Spa-Like Bathroom

Let’s face it, going to the spa would be a great end-of-year treat. With a spa-like bathroom, you can relax any time of year.

How much time do you spend in the bathroom? No, not on an average trip, over the course of the day. You wake up and likely head in first thing. You brush your teeth, maybe shower then or head back in for a shower later. You may spend time doing hair or makeup. There are likely other trips to the bathroom throughout the day. In the evening, maybe you have a bath or give the kids a bath, then brush your teeth and wash your face before bed. The point is, that’s a lot of time. Shouldn’t your bathroom be more than just okay? You deserve a spa-like bathroom experience in the room where you spend so much time. Here’s how to achieve it if a bathroom renovation is in your future.

The Shower

The shower is definitely a must-have if you’re creating a spa-like bathroom. If your shower area includes a tub, it should certainly be a spa tub. The shower itself would also be high-end. If you’re only going to have one showerhead, opt for one with various settings. For a true spa experience, however, spring for a shower that has multiple heads, including a waterfall head above. Another high-end option you might consider is a steam shower, especially if you do not include a tub.

The Floor

Nothing is more jarring than stepping out of a warm bath or shower onto a freezing-cold floor. Radiant heated floors are a luxurious comfort. They also can help warm the entire room, so you don’t get cold while soaking in the bath.

The Towels

Speaking of things that are better warm, your towels would never be cold at a spa, and they don’t have to in your bathroom either. Indulge in a towel warmer or heated towel rail. You can also up the spa factor of your bathroom but springing for more luxurious towels so that they aren’t just toasty warm, they’re also incredibly comfortable.

The Ambiance

Finally, decide what you like best about the ambiance of the spa, and add it to your bathroom. Is it the touch of nature? Add plants in hanging planters or by a window. Is it the smell? Add surface space for scented candles. Is it the music? Integrate a sound system into the ceiling. Finally, as you decide on your color palette, opt for soft, neutral, calming tones to set the right mood.


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