Is Open Shelving a Good Idea for Kitchens?

Is Open Shelving a Good Idea for Kitchens?

Is open shelving a good idea for your kitchen? Find out here.

How practical is open shelving? For many homeowners, it is the perfect solution to their storage dilemmas. For others, this option may be troublesome. Ultimately, knowing the best ways to utilize your kitchen will encourage you to make the right decision when redesigning the space. Understanding whether open shelving will be a solution for you starts here. Here are a few ways to determine if open shelving is a good option for your space. 

Open Shelving Will Always Make Sense In A Kitchen

Open shelving is a wonderfully cost-effective way to keep your kitchen clean and store all your essentials effectively and efficiently. This type of shelving can easily open up the kitchen, giving variety to design and a sense of spaciousness in itself. As a result, investing in open shelves is a great opportunity for homeowners to create a kitchen that appears larger than it actually is without spending a ton of money on a remodel. 

The Size Of Your Kitchen Is A Major Factor

Whether this type of shelving will work for your kitchen or not could rely on how large your kitchen is. The size of your kitchen will ultimately dictate the essential function of the open shelving in the space. With a small kitchen, open shelving can be more compact and useful for a specific purpose, such as an herb garden. However, with a larger kitchen, extensive, open storage loses some of its functionality for storage and becomes more decorative. 

Finding the Best Solution for You

Understanding what’s most important to your home can help you discover whether open shelves are the best option for you. There is nothing worse than having long, exposed shelving that doesn’t work for your needs. It is your space, so not every storage solution will necessarily work for you.

The Concern of Dust

One major concern that this storage style risks is dust buildup. If you store your dishware or glasses in this way, they will be more likely to collect dust before you can use them again. It is better to use open shelves for displaying ornamental items or dishware that is used less often in a larger setting.

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, understanding the purpose of incorporating open shelving into your kitchen will better inform you whether it is the right choice for you. Knowing how open shelving will work to make your life better is a great place to start as you decide to remodel your space. 


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