Main Types of Bathroom Sink Faucets

Main Types of Bathroom Sink Faucets

Bathroom sink faucets come in various styles; which one is right for your bathroom?

Among the elements that one plans out for a bathroom renovation, the bathroom sink faucet is perhaps one of the least considered. One can decide between numerous bathroom sinks, of course, but the sink faucet is what makes it complete and completes the bathroom design as well. Among the main types of bathroom sink faucets, there are actually many unique options. Here’s a look at them below.

Single Handle

A single handle faucet is one of the most common bathroom sink faucets in Maryland homes, but it can come in infinite styles and materials. Only one hole is needed in the counter to install this model; a swiveling faucet handle turns the water on and off and turns to control water temperature. It is a practical solution for any family bathroom.

Center Set

A center set faucet includes the faucet and two separate handles on either side in one piece. This is a common and compact bathroom faucet model that typically features a shorter faucet spout. If you have a smaller bathroom, a center set faucet could be a great and stylish choice.

Spread Fit

Spread fit bathroom sink faucets consist of three separate pieces that in turn need three separate holes drilled into the counter. The two faucet handles are farther apart from the spout and have flexible placement. If you have a larger bathroom and want a luxurious feel to the room, consider the spread fit.

Wall Mount

Another luxurious bathroom faucet type is the wall mount model. As the name suggests, this faucet with its handles are set horizontally in the wall above the bathroom sink. It has the appearance of a natural water source flowing out of a spout from the wall. This style is almost magical and works very well with a vessel sink.


Lastly, the bridge faucet adds some metallic pizazz. One will need to drill two holes into the countertop to mount this. Instead of having one faucet set like the center set or three parts like the spread fit, the bridge consists of the two handles connecting into the spout above it. In some cases, it forms an upside down T shape. The bridge faucet will fit in with most any bathroom design.


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