What Are Sub Zero Appliances?

What Are Sub Zero Appliances?

Looking for high-end refrigeration in your kitchen? Sub Zero appliances have plenty to offer.

Kitchen design is often more complex than one might imagine. Cabinetry, countertops, and traffic flow are just three elements that go into the design and often are ones that people think of the most. Aside from the look and style of the kitchen, however, one will usually choose new appliances, too. When it comes to refrigeration, Sub Zero appliances have what every luxury kitchen dreamer would want and more.

Sub Zero: The Brand

Sub Zero is a family-owned company that specializes in luxury refrigeration appliances. It is the biggest brand name among high-end refrigerators and offers a beautiful blend of architectural creativity and engineering prowess. 

Integrated Designs

If you intend to build in or blend in your refrigeration appliances with the cabinetry, then Sub Zero is a worthy contender. One can choose from a variety of designs, including a regular stainless steel front, a glass door, or a paneled front. Blending the refrigerator in with the cabinetry will help to create a focal point elsewhere, but creating a unique built-in will add to the kitchen’s beauty.

Flexible Functionality

Sub Zero appliances are practical as well as fashionable. With this brand, you can configure the refrigerator and freezer in different ways and have other storage options like undercounter refrigerator drawers and a wine cooler. This flexibility in design allows for better functionality than ever, a great feature to have for families that love to snack, cook, and host.

Sub Zero Refrigeration

The cooling technology of Sub Zero is also impressive, successfully separating refrigerator air from freezer air. You can keep produce and leftovers in the cool, moist air it needs and the frozen goods in its frigid, dry zone. These appliances are also smart enough to remember the temperatures you typically use and preserve produce when doors or drawers open often.

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