Is a Soaking Tub Worth It?

Is a Soaking Tub Worth It?

A soaking tub is a notable feature of a luxury bathroom. Is it worth it?

The bathroom is a place to relax and rejuvenate. When planning a bathroom renovation, it is worth investing in quality products and a functional, appealing design to make the most of your remodel. A soaking tub is one feature that defines a luxurious bathroom, but is a soaking tub worth it? Here’s more information on this notable bathroom amenity. 

What Is a Soaking Tub?

A soaking tub is a type of freestanding tub oblong in shape and deep enough for total submersion. This means that one does have to have their arms or knees sticking out of the bathwater so that the entire body can stay warm and soaked. Soaking tubs can fill up water up to three feet deep, as opposed to one foot like other bathtubs.

Types of Soaking Tubs

Soaking tubs come in different styles and materials for a highly aesthetic appearance. Various materials that they can come in include acrylic, enameled cast iron, and stone resin. Acrylic is the most affordable and lightweight option and can form into infinite styles. However, it does not have as much heat retention as other options.

Enameled cast iron is an excellent material for soaking tubs, as it has great heat retention and low maintenance needs. The downside is that it is heavy, so one must confirm that the floor structure can handle the weight.

Stone resin is a nice medium between the two other materials, a composite of stone pieces and a durable resin. The result is a stone-like freestanding tub that has a lighter weight that real stone or cast iron. Whatever material you choose, you will certainly have a beautiful result!

Average Cost of a Soaking Tub

One should take into account that the average cost is around $900. A soaking tub can cost well below or well above this estimate. That being said, one should carefully consider what advantages a soaking tub can give you.

Pros and Cons of a Soaking Tub

This type of bathtub is best for those who can benefit from a relaxing and healthful soak. Taking a long bath is scientifically shown to improve one’s circulation, sleep, immunity, and breathing. It can also help reduce stress and relax muscles. It is ill-advised to bathe children in a soaking tub, as it is far deeper than average. However, for seniors and adults, it can be an excellent way to unwind.


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