How to Create a Stunning Powder Room

How to Create a Stunning Powder Room

The powder room can pack a punch of personality. Here’s how to do it!

The powder room is a room that may deserve the same attention as the bathroom. After all, the powder room is the resting stop specifically for guests, and should anyone come by, you will want to have a nice place for them available to freshen up. There is more than just the practical side to powder rooms, however. Here is how to create a stunning powder room looking at four key dynamics.

Think Big

First, take a big picture look at your powder room. The powder room is perhaps the smallest room of the house, but it can pack a big punch of style and pizzazz. It’s the place to pack in your idea of a beautiful little room. Don’t be shy about fitting it out to the max or going bold or dark with this room; although it is small, it is perfect for large, bold patterns and dark, dramatic colors, if that is your style.

Choose a Focal Point

To make a stunning powder room that will wow your guests, choose a focal point. Like in any piece of art, you will need to choose one component that will anchor the space. There are generally three areas you can choose for this:

  • The walls: Either all of the walls or an accent wall can bring out the vision you aim to achieve. A dark color such as purple or blue or even black is possible in this space, as well as fun wallpaper that might overwhelm you in a larger room. Pinstripes, flora, fauna, and more are up for grabs.
  • The floor: If you aren’t a fan of dark rooms or wallpaper in the bathroom, you can also go for a dramatic floor. The floor should contrast with the walls; for example, walls with a busy pattern need a plain floor, and light walls could be paired with dark or patterned flooring. 
  • The sink: Sinks can be artwork in themselves, and there is certainly a variety of styles to choose from. The sink can be heavy or light, and patterned or plain. Some use an interesting material for the sink, such as glass, wood, or stone.

Choose Accessories

Aside from the focal point, you can choose accessories such as the mirror, faucets, and light fixtures that stylize the room further. One can find some unusually shaped bathroom mirrors, and Kenwood Kitchens can help you find the perfect faucet.

Use the Right Lighting

Lastly, use the proper lighting for the space. Your guests will be using it to check their hair and makeup and freshen up. It is best to use a warm temperature, low voltage light, avoiding the cold, bright glare of fluorescent or bluish LED lights. 


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