Ceramic Kitchen Floor Tiles: Pros and Cons

Ceramic Kitchen Floor Tiles: Pros and Cons

Kitchen flooring is wide and varied; a popular choice, ceramic, has several pros and cons.

A kitchen renovation is a dream for many, and certainly, with enough planning and a great kitchen renovation team, you will be able to have the kitchen of your dreams. One of the crucial components of kitchen design is the flooring; one of the most prevalent types is ceramic. Are ceramic kitchen floor tiles right for your brand new kitchen? Check out these pros and cons.

Ceramic Kitchen Floor Tiles: Pros


The ideal kitchen floor must be durable and waterproof, and ceramic kitchen floor tiles deliver in this regard. Ceramic is so durable that archeologists have found intact ceramic tiles in Pompeii and other ancient Roman sites. 

Easy to Clean

Ceramic is also very easy to clean. Whether you are sweeping off the dust or mopping it with a disinfectant, ceramic will not make floor cleaning an ordeal. Its hard surface is not even penetrable by germs.


You can find ceramic tiles in virtually any manifestation possible. Wood-like planks, tiles with the look and feel of stone, and tiles with colorful patterns are all possible. Ceramic is both practical and versatile for your sense of style.


Even better, ceramic kitchen floor tiles are not reserved for luxury homes, although they look just as stunning! Ceramic tiles can range in price and there is a tile for everyone. Kenwood Kitchens can help you choose the best kitchen flooring option in the design process.

Ceramic Kitchen Floor Tiles: Cons

Very Hard

Every type of flooring has its drawbacks. Because ceramic tile is so durable and hardy, it means that it is indeed a very hard material. It is not the best for those who cannot stand for long periods of time, and it can also raise the risk of dishes breaking if accidentally dropped.

Very Cold

Tiles can get cold, but ceramic is notorious for becoming frigid when temperatures drop. To mitigate the toughness and coldness of ceramic, one can place a suitable rug or mat in places where one will most likely be cooking and cleaning up.

Grout Lines

Ceramic tiles are easy to clean, but you will need to scrub those grout lines from time to time. You should also seal grout lines and unglazed ceramic so they can withstand water, dirt, and stains.


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