Prevent Peeling Paint in the Bathroom

Prevent Peeling Paint in the Bathroom

Is your bathroom ceiling paint peeling? The solution could be easier than you think!

If the paint on your bathroom ceiling is flaking off, you’re not alone. Peeling paint is typically an easy fix that just needs a few simple tools and steps. You can have an improved bathroom ceiling in no time! You can prevent peeling paint in the bathroom by increasing ventilation. See more on this topic below!

Causes of Peeling Paint 

What exactly causes peeling paint in the bathroom? One possible cause is an improper paint job, where each layer of paint did not dry fully before the next coat was applied. The other possible cause is more typical: high humidity. When moisture gets under the paint layer, it works its way deeper into the crevice, causing the paint to flake or peel. The longer it goes on, the more extensive it will be.

Removal & Treatment

The good news is that peeling paint in the bathroom is relatively easy to fix. First, you will need to remove the flaking paint. Take a paint scraper and gently work it under the paint layer where it has peeled until it hits a hard stopping point. Next, peel that loosened strip of paint or cut it with a utility knife. Then, sand it down until smooth.

If the peeled paint is minimal, you could just use sandpaper. If the missing paint creates deep enough indents in the ceiling, you could apply joint compound over the surface to smooth it out. The last step is always sanding.

After you have removed the peeling paint and smoothed out the ceiling, it is time to seal it off from moisture with paint. Lay down a painter’s drop cloth or plastic sheets and tape off the area you wish to paint to protect the rest of the bathroom. Clean the area well to get rid of dust on the wall and possible mold spores. After letting it dry, apply a moisture-resistant primer followed by your choice of paint.


To prevent moisture from wreaking havoc in your bathroom walls, you can take one or more approaches. One must have some form of ventilation, such as a large window or a bathroom exhaust fan. If possible, you could also crack the bathroom door as well. Providing fresh, cool airflow or a way for the hot steamy air to escape is essential.

Something More Serious?

In some cases, the ceiling itself could appear to have some form of moisture damage. If you are interested in a major or minor bathroom renovation, you could fix this ceiling issue at the same time.


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