Can You Put a Window in a Shower?

Can You Put a Window in a Shower?

Putting a window in the shower can change everything. Below are a few ideas for implementing it.

One trend that has risen in interior design is the window in the shower. You might be on the verge of starting a bathroom renovation of your own and want ideas that will expand and inspire what is possible. Having a window in the shower is not only possible, but it allows welcome natural light, ventilation, and ambiance. Below are the main ways to implement a window in a shower.

Small Window

Whether you have one or several small windows, these add just enough natural light without risking your privacy, especially if you are surrounded by trees or your windows are opaque or stained glass. One can get creative with the shapes, too, and have round, square, or diamond-shaped windows.

High and Horizontal Window

If you have a larger shower and you want to let in more natural light, you can opt for a long, horizontal window set close to the ceiling. You could also have a skylight, which will also add light without compromising on privacy.

Regular Window

Then again, a regularly-sized window at a proper height can make your shower an amazing experience. It can feel like you are showering outdoors. One could either place this window in the shower directly or on an adjacent wall for indirect light.

Floor to Ceiling Window

For the feeling of luxury, install a floor to ceiling window that looks out onto your private garden. An open-air shower or bath is truly a treat, and there is no better way to mimic this experience than with a tall and wide window. Like with the other options, this could be in the shower or outside of the shower and be clear, opaque, stained glass, etc. Some windows can turn from transparent to opaque with a switch.

A Combination of Windows

Who says you can’t combine options? Some bathrooms have small windows plus floor-length windows, multiples of one kind, and any other combination you can think of. The designers at Kenwood Kitchens can talk with you about your bathroom renovation needs, ideas, budget, and more and find a solution that meets all your requirements. 


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