What to Put Where in Kitchen Cabinets

What to Put Where in Kitchen Cabinets

Wondering how to make your kitchen more efficiently organized? We have a guide for you!

The kitchen is one of the busiest rooms of the house. Used for preparing meals, baking, grabbing a snack, or getting a drink, the kitchen needs to be as organized as possible so your life will be easier. If you keep noticing you have traffic jams in your kitchen, here are some helpful tips on what to put where in kitchen cabinets.

First Things First: Purge & Categorize

You won’t know what to put where in your kitchen cabinetry until you know what you have! First things first: take an inventory of all of the items in your kitchen. If you are in the process of a kitchen renovation, you can do this step before construction begins. Regardless of the time, you will want to throw or give away any old or expired items and categorize them into the following groups below.

Cleaning Supplies

The kitchen usually houses not just food and cooking tools but also one’s cleaning supplies. Under the sink is the best place to put all of your cleaning items, including disinfectant sprays, dish detergents, hand soaps, trash bags, extra sponges, and more. When you are washing up at the sink, you’ll have all your other cleaning items in easy reach.

Utensils & Dishware

Non-consumables like your dishes, cups, and utensils are most convenient next to the cleaning station or as close to it as possible. When you are putting your freshly washed cutlery and dishware into the cabinets and drawers, you want them to be as close to you as possible.


Your food storage makes up another part of kitchen organization. You can have a different section for fresh food than dry goods, or you can place them side by side. If you have a pantry, put as much food in there as possible. It might be more convenient to put them on the outer edge of the kitchen, where people can reach for a quick snack or drink without interrupting the cooking or cleaning.

Cooking Appliances

Lastly, remember the cooking area. Designate all of your pots, pans, bakeware, appliances, and tools in this area where the stove and oven are. Your prep space, a fifth separate area, should be close by, if not in the same area. With this layout in mind, you can know exactly what to put where in your kitchen cabinets!


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