How to Create a Coffee & Tea Station

How to Create a Coffee & Tea Station

Make the best of your coffee & tea-making time by creating a station.

Kitchens serve many functions, but primarily, they serve as a space of preparation. It’s the place to prepare meals, snacks, and all varieties of feasting. In the United States, coffee and tea are two of Americans’ favorite consumables. It only makes sense to have a spot designated just for the purpose of preparing coffee or tea in your kitchen, if you love drinking at least one of the two. Here are a few tips on how to create a coffee & tea station in your kitchen.

Store Your Ingredients

First, gather all the coffee and tea you have into one spot in the kitchen. You may not have your dream cabinetry yet, but you can at least start to know where you want the coffee & tea station to be. For the most clean and practical organization, put all your ingredients into uniform storage. You might have a tea drawer where you store all the tea bags in neat rows, or you might have a row of airtight jars to keep your coffee and loose leaves.

Gather Your Supplies

Next, bring all your tea tools and extras into the same location. Sugar, creamer, honey, strainers, spoon rests, and more can have their designated spaces here too. In this corner, you’ll have every tool and accessory available to whip up your delicious cup of tea, or Joe. Once again, one might store supplies in a drawer, in jars, or on hooks.

Arrange Your Appliances

Of course, you’ll need your coffee and tea-making machines to be there too. It is actually very easy to gather multiple coffee and tea appliances, so that you end up having more than you have room for. You might have a French press, coffee maker, a Keurig, and an electric kettle all at once, and then some. Donate whatever you think you don’t need and make sure there is enough space to house them all.

Keep Cups Handy

Your coffee & tea station wouldn’t be complete without a cup or mug to pour the delicious brew into. Keep your station in close proximity to your cupboard of cups, so everyone can grab their favorite one with alacrity. You can also hang or shelve a few specific cups just in the coffee & tea station as well.

Stay Near the Sink

When you’re making coffee or tea, remember that you’ll need quick access to water as you do. Keep the station close to the sink. If incorporating a coffee & tea station into your new kitchen is a dream for you, Kenwood Kitchens is here to make it happen!


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