How to Choose Bathroom Vanity Lighting

How to Choose Bathroom Vanity Lighting

How does one achieve the best bathroom vanity lighting? Check out these tips.

Bathroom lighting takes more design ingenuity than meets the eye. Depending on the size of the bathroom, one will need lighting for the room, the vanity, and the shower or bathtub. Concerning the vanity, you will need adequate lighting for grooming and washing up. How exactly does choose bathroom vanity lighting? Consider the categories below.

Types of Bathroom Vanity Lighting

It helps to start off by reviewing the different types of bathroom vanity lights. One can take a closer look at one’s options at a Kenwood Kitchens showroom!

Bath Bar Lights

Bath bar lighting is either a cylindrical light or a row of 2-4 lights. Individual lights in bath bar lighting can provide uplighting, downlighting, or general lighting. You may want the lighting to be the same width as your vanity. If you have two sinks, one could opt for two sets of bath bar lights.


Another popular choice is the wall sconce. One can set a wall sconce on either side of the mirror and possibly one at the top-center as well. One should put the side sconces at eye level, about 65 inches from the floor.

Recessed Lights

One could also do away with light fixtures completely and opt for minimalistic yet effective recessed lights. If you are tight on space, this is an excellent option.

Pendant Lights

Some also make use of pendant lights in a stunning way. Pendant lights can overlap the mirror’s edges or sit to the sides. Some have three pendants, some two, and some only one.

Matching Finish

It is suggested that you match the metal finish of the lighting with that of the other bathroom fixtures. One has a broad range of choices, such as chrome, brass, nickel, gold, bronze, white, and black. However, if done well, one can use differing metal finishes, too.

White Lighting

The light itself makes a difference in your bathroom vanity lighting quality. One should go for a bright, white light, which mimics natural light. Look for bulbs with a CRI of 90-100 and 2700-3000K. 


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