Washer & Dryer in Your Kitchen: Ideas

Washer & Dryer in Your Kitchen: Ideas

Looking for a neat way to store your laundry machines? Check out these ideas.

While larger houses often have a separate laundry room, and some homes keep the washer & dryer in the basement, others sneak their laundry machines into the kitchen. Your kitchen doesn’t have to be for the worse with this utility feature, however. You can enjoy the efficiency of keeping the washer & dryer in the kitchen and a stylish way of housing them too. Below, you can check out the following ideas for inspiration.

Under the Counter

Keeping the washer & dryer under the counter is one way to easily slip them into your kitchen. Sitting side by side, you can design your cabinetry and countertop height around them for a snug fit. Some put the appliances at the end of the kitchen, particularly if it is galley-style, or along one of the walls beside the pantry.

In the Closet

Perhaps the most common way to incorporate the laundry machines into your kitchen is by inserting them into a closet. Many homes in Maryland come with a kitchen closet that specifically houses these appliances. If this space works for you, consider how you might upgrade the above storage and the closet enclosure (doors, curtains, etc.)


Another method is to stack the washer and dryer on top of each other to create more horizontal space. Stacking gives one more counter and cabinet space. Be sure to understand the costs, the pros, and the cons of arranging them this way.

European Style

Lastly, you can cut laundry space in half by getting a washing and drying combo machine. This style is common in Europe, where living space tends to be more limited. Research how well this type of machine works compared to traditional washers and dryers before incorporating one into the kitchen.

Ways to Conceal the Machines

In summary, one can place their laundry machines either under the counter, in a closet, vertically, or via a two-in-one in the kitchen. With these options, there are multiple ways of stylishly integrating them into the room. For instance, one can make them flush with the cabinetry for a sleek, clean look. You can also conceal them with cabinet doors, folding cabinet doors, closet doors, sliding barn doors, or curtains. At Kenwood Kitchens, you can go over your options in-depth with a kitchen designer for the best results.


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